A young lady high on caffine spouiting irrational exuberant thoughts.
Amber Siddle
by Peach Pitt January 31, 2004
Top Definition
One zesty chick who can be a blast to be around once she has consumed a small amount of caffine, preferably in the form of coffe... zebra... double shot...
Me, the coolest coffee-drinking, hyper-active, your mom-saying, lost calling-calling, hyphen-utilizing Amber this side of the galaxy!!
by ur mom April 05, 2004
someone who certainly does not need any form of caffeine, sugar, or other commodities that would boost the energy level thereof
amber siddle
by indeed February 08, 2004
the cutest most hyper drill babe i know who is incredibly fun to be around once any amount of caffeine has been put into her!!!
amber siddle
a person who, in most cases, experiences a desire for caffine...not a necessity and when given said drug...tends to become pyschotic and irrational....especially dangerous in confined areas
Amber Siddle in a car after having a double shot mocha.
by lolo April 03, 2004
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