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A nickname used to refer to March 5, 2007 in Roswell, GA.

On that afternoon, a science class in Blessed Trinity Catholic High School was taking a test, and several students complained about skin rash and throat irritation. Fearing the worst, a possible "chemical spill," the entire school was shortly evacuated. The students in said room were rushed to nearby hospitals, to be examined. The rest of the school was then moved into the football stadium. As news choppers floated above, the students started to do the wave in the bleachers, before being led to St. Peter Chanel, a nearby church. Students were dismissed early that day while the hazmat team went in later on to examine what really happened. The science room and adjacent rooms were thoroughly cleaned to the point where you could eat food off the floors and not be contaminated.. By the end of the day, nothing serious was found that might have been the cause of this, and said students were released from the hospital cleaned. Thankfully, nobody was hurt from this event, and school resumed as normal the next day.
I survived Epidemic '07.
3/5/2007, never forget.
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007

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