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Doing some unbelievably awesome. So awesome people talk about it for at least 48 hours.

Super epic: Doing that same epic thing but without any protective gear.
Epic: Playing Baseball with a beehive in bee-handler's gear.

Super Epic: Playing Baseball with a beehive naked.
by Andre Pete October 11, 2009
1 10
a great moment of a person life could be described as epic
19 followers on twitter... now thats the definition of epic
by vicksss May 14, 2012
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Something so cool, there is no word that people can use to describe it otherwise. Often overused.
friend: -drops a sandwich and screams like very loudly like a dinosaur before kicking it-
you: -laugh so hard your sides hurt- Dude, that was epic.
by snipethecentaur May 04, 2012
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Shadow of the Colossus
'Oh my God this game is epic!'
by mbagely1 October 24, 2011
2 2
Something that is Epic is the the most amazing thing you will ever experience and is borderline divine.

Anything can be deemed epic but will most likely be found refering to music, video games, movies and parties
Jim "I cant seem to find any epic songs lately"
Tom " Have you listened to Violence of the sun by Wolfmother?"
Jim "Oh yeah! that song is epic. its almost like an eargasm"
by Minds eye July 22, 2011
4 4
Incredibly brilliant in some way or another
Maizey's rainbow hair is epic!
by Vyccy April 28, 2011
5 5
1) A word once used described by Vikings going into battle

2) Now an overused and annoying word used to spice up 13-30 year olds vocab.

3)Also used to descride a youtube video, refer to epic fail.
1) "We are here to fight against this dragon in an EPIC journey!!"

2) "Dude.. see Avaitar the special effects are EPICCCC"

3) He fell off his skateboard and hit his nuts... EPIC FAIL
by Owleyed February 04, 2011
5 5
extraordinary, momentous (this word has come to be viewed as worn out by some)
The road trip last week was epic.
by The Return of Light Joker November 09, 2011
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