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Something epic. Completely and utterly so.

Also, it gives you a great rush when you scream it at the top of your lungs. Try it. You know you want to. C'mon, nobody's looking.
Me: Man, this is some EPIC SHIT.
Friend: Yeah.
by Gaiacarra September 22, 2006
75 28
When someone does something outside their normal comfort zone. or steps outside their own inner battle to support others
When I hit mile 25 in the marathon and saw Claire holding her EPIC SHIT sign - I couldn't decide which of us was doing the epic shit.
by MoxyUp March 06, 2012
39 3
When you sit in your bathroom on the toilet trying to explode the bowl and in the process you blow up the whole entire house.
I took an EPIC SHIT and saw god in the heavens.
by Fart McPoophead December 11, 2011
12 10
the occurrence of a meeting of two souls
Alexander & Cleopatra was epic shit
by mosraw April 30, 2009
10 28
a turd that smokes and burns when it comes out.
get out of my way. i have to go take an epic shit.
by whyzgeye January 12, 2011
14 543