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When someone is such a fucking tool, he surpasses the previously insurmountable title of mega douche, and therefore the only adjective left is epic.

The Epic Douche is easily identifiable as being a complete dick to everyone, having an incredibly hot girlfriend he doesn't deserve, enjoys rap even though he's whiter than Elton John, wearing mostly Hollister and Abercrombie, and driving a really nice car that his parents bought him, though he calls it his own. Of course, each Epic Douche has even more dickish characteristics unique to his pathetic little existence, not just the ones above.
Chris: Dude, Logan is such an epic douche, he first cheated off my final, and then when Mr. Tharp asked him about it, he said I cheated off of HIM! What the fuck, dude?
Nick: I hear ya dude, a week ago he stuck his Blackberry over the stall door and took a picture while I was taking a leak, and now everyone in school knows I pee sitting down like a girl.
Chris: You do?
Nick: Yes...
(Awkward silence)
by xCFHx July 23, 2009
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