A nickname for a poor soul, usually male, that cannot catch a break. Whether its getting caught by the cops for nothing, to being expelled in school, its always downhill for this person.
David: Man, he just got kicked out of school.
Daniel: Yeah, for getting pissed at food being thrown at him.
David: That frikkin' ephraim.
by Reefstab April 11, 2008
Top Definition
A term used to describe intelligent, well-groomed African American males. Ephraims are typically well-read, athletic, and good-natured. Most will go on to college and hold fulfilling, well-paid jobs.

Ephraims typically marry in their mid-late twenties and devote their lives to raising children.
As soon as Ephraim entered the room, a group of girls surrounded him and touched him, hoping to absorb his awesomeness.
by BSLT November 11, 2009
The name of the main character of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. His twin sister's name is Eirika. Unlike most Fire Emblem lords (I.E: Mars/Marth, Leif, Roy, Eliwood), Ephraim is quite useful, and he can be kept in the front lines.

Plus, he's hot as hell. Like Roy. Yeah...
Innes doesn't like Ephraim because he loves him AND hates him.

Ephraim is so awesome, he pwn'd Chuck Norris.

Ephraim. Dead sexy.
by Kurai Na July 17, 2006
A man of God. Originally the second son of Joseph, his name means "twice blessed" and he truly is blessed.

If you know an Ephraim, you're lucky; they're extremely rare. You may be caught off guard, you'll ask "What's your name?" and he'll say "Ephraim" with a shy smile, and you'll be intrigued, because you love him. You know you do. It is impossible not to. He is wonderful at everything he does, and he doesn't even know it. He never brags, and he makes everyone he meets feel special, which makes it excruciatingly hard to tell if he fancies you or he's just being is good-ole perfect, wonderful self. He is the best thing that will ever happen to you and the worst if he isn't yours.
Jim: Ephraim is really cool!

Jessy: I know, he's so sweet.

Johnny: Ephraim is weird, but he's still my best friend

Julie: I am in love with him.
by Eiteews Oalleh September 02, 2013

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