Short for Early Onset Senioritis. It typically occurs during the final few weeks of a high school junior's life, however it is not unusual to see some cases that begin after the second semester has begun.

Symptoms include fatigue, lack of motivation and at times narcissism.

See senioritis.
Junior 1: It's so sad that all our senior friends are graduating
Junior 2: Isn't it?
Junior 1: Did you study for Smith's test?
Junior 2: Nah, I'm suffering from EOS
by NotMarkTwain May 11, 2012
Eyes On Screen, used in chat when another person is watching over the shoulder, often used when cybering in secret
I couldn't type, EOS
by Mirror Spock September 01, 2008
End of Sentence, maximum length a person can be held in prison
When is your EOS date. I EOS in 30 days.
by Vitriolic X January 07, 2011
1. A cult of wizards which search continuously for Hogwarts as a new regrouping spot through out the wilderness.

2. An illegal activity involving botnets
1. I wonder if EOS have found that new regroup spot yet? Tankhive2 appears to be really getting heated using unforgivable curses on his Future EOS applicants.

2. Did you hear that EOS_Oli sold his car to drop the Teamspeak server of honourable people?
by Albus Dumbledore the third November 22, 2010

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