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A verb, coming from an accidental slur of "Entangle" and "Entwine", was originally used as a synonym of "Tongue-Tied", where someone gets confused and starts using words that sound real but aren't.

It can also refer to being mired in something in a tentacle sort of manner.
"That was a good speech, except for the part where he got a bit entwangled."

"If the terriers and bariffs (barriers and tariffs) are torn down, this economy will grow."
by Christopher Jacob March 05, 2006
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To entwine and tangle something up. To tangle yourself up in something else.
The cords behind my Xbox were all entwangled with my TV cords.
Those two are all entwangled with each other, they need to get a room.
by Layton Smith October 07, 2007

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