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A driving simulator racing game for PS2 that was released in 2005. Unfortunately, it did not deliver the goods to the players as well as some of the other games did Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, etc., . The game had many good concepts in it, but not without many holes as well. It was overall recieved as an okay game that could have been better than it was.
Ace: Hey bro, you wanna play Enthusia?

Deuce: Nah, I'd rather play Gran Turismo, it's way better.

Tre: I'm sorry, did you forget about Forza?

Deuce: Who'd want to remember it? It's like you, you're a prick!

Ace: Aw come on guys, just give this one a chance, will you?

Tre: Fine. But then we do it right, with Forza!

Deuce: You're embarassing yourself.
by D. Liverance June 11, 2013
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