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A school in the middle of nowhere in Ennis Texas, a town that is so lame that there nothing better to do then to be nosey. Everybody that goes/went to Ennis High School want to leave town when they get old enough. All the teachers at the school are stupid and dumb, and the principals are the worst there. They have stupid dress code where you wear brown, navy, black, and khaki pants; the shirts are white, black, maroon, and grey and they have to be collared shirts and you have to have your shirt tugged in but no one ever does only the nerds there do it, that school has the nastiest lunch, the food taste like its expired. Ennis High School probably has the most pregnant girls of any other school in the USA. The school is also filled with wanna be gangster claiming stupid shit, this new group that form is called the PBK (Pretty Boy Krew), that group is the gayest group in the world, I mean what kind of boy calls there selves pretty I think only Faggots, they are always sayin "I love you but I'm not in love you" to each other and that sounds gay and stupid. There used to be 17st street which died in a couple of months caused it sucked. Pretty much Ennis High School/ Ennis Texas sucks ass so don't come here!!!!!!!!!!
gay nosey boring stupid sluts pregnant fakes Ennis High School
by ennissucks July 09, 2011
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