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A person who puts more thoughts into a text than the actual author did.
For instance: "the curtains were blue"
What your English teacher thinks: "the curtains represent represent his immense depression and lack of will to carry on."
What the author meant: "The curtains were fucking blue."
by choclemon December 01, 2011
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someone who teaches english class
1. a good english teacher helps you improve writing, public speaking, spelling, etc. they don't just make you write essays, they do fun activities too. most english teachers are like this in elementry and middle school.
2. a bad english teacher is someone who forces vocabulary and essays on you and expects you to know how to improve your writing when they say "this paragraph wasnt strong enough". they also make you over analyze stuff when the author was probably just being straightforward! they may hold a grudge because they were fired for the next year and are moving to south africa. they also hate your class because they think you dont like him because he is gay when you really dont care!
1. english teacher: ok class, today we are going to watch a movie of the book we just read and fill out a sheet comparing the two. there is also a worksheet on how to compare books to movies.
2. A.english teacher: you really need to make your writing stronger
student: how can i do that?
english teacher: you can turn it in to me again on saturday at 11:59 pm for a 10% grade deduction
B.english teacher: i was surprised that your writing was so good this time. maybe it was a little too good.
student: wtf??
english teacher:i think you used another source for this essay
student: uh, no i wrote this essay
english teacher: please credit secondary sources
C.english teacher: i think you dont take this class seriously and you make me and my class into a joke
student: no i spend hours writing my essays for your really hard class and i dont make fun of the class, i just make jokes when were not doing anything and theyre not about you or this class
english teacher: please take this class more seriously and dont make fun of my poster that says "i dont even think straight" and has a rainbow on it
student: umm... i have never made fun of that (but i could if i wanted to)
D.student: have a nice weekend mr. ______
english teacher: *grunts*
by l-sizzzle April 13, 2008
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A loser who has no life and spends all thier time finding new and pointless symbols in "classic" litturature such as the shitest book on earth Catcher And The Rye, Lord of The Flies and The Red Pony
Damn I hate my english teacher. Today she said that Holden's hat represents the state of humanity. WTF its a freakin hat.
by Abba Zabba April 16, 2004
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Sticker fingers, blind dater who likes blow jobs something called a star six nine for him and her.
english teacher or some other teacher.
by europopian August 07, 2009
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Didn't use her own clothing to look good in school or college, copied someone else's style. Likes a blow job. Drinks underage. Worries about her boyfriend and other woman and grabs on stuffed things at night. Only ever likes her hair long. Isn't conservative and maybe is even a fucking petafile. Her providers must pet her files. Talks about who's she's associated with to complete strangers. Is pushy and demanding. Cruel to vaginas and doesn't care to her own breath.
That English Teacher is going to ruin Philadelphia please let a male teacher work there instead.
by europopian September 01, 2009
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