a bend, or curve, often pertaining to a pool shot or a penis.
his cock had so much english on it, it looked like a J
by des September 15, 2003
The natural language of the human body.
Mom: Bonjour, Bonjour.
Baby: Goo goo gaa gaa. Stop talking French! I cannot understand you.
by The Legend of Zelda November 28, 2004
A language so hard for French and German people to learn because of how fecked up it is. We frickin' stick silent letters anywhere!
Gnome = Noam, not Geh-noam
English = Ing-lish
Sign = Sahyn, not Sig-en
Phone = Fone, not Peh-hone
Station = Stay-shun, not Stah-tee-on
School = Skool, not Shool
Pneumonia = Nyoo-moh-nya, not Peh-nee-um-on-ee-a
Cecil = Seh-sill, not Keh-kill
Love = Luv, not Lohv
Survey = Ser-vay, not Ser-vee
Sugar = Shoo-gah, not Soo-gar

It's bullfeces.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 23, 2003
A nationality of people who like to eat fish and chips and ride big red buses all day long. They are normally ignorant and rather annoying. The average IQ of a typical English person is around 20 and all other nationalities are roughly 100.
Lets have a English day out (you then proceed to the fish and chip shop via a big red bus). "LETS GOOO TO DA CHIPPY"
by William ShitCunt November 25, 2008
1. A people whose main form of crime is drive-by arguments, and police officers with funny hats who cudgel hobos. They are arrogant and annoying bastards.
2. The most prevalant language in todays world, and the cause of a lot of problems i.e when native american children who beaten unless they spoke it. English is a bastardized form of Latin. But even though it is evil, you should still respect it as a language, and stop using it like the morons on Neopets!
omgzzzzzzzzzz did u no dat i cud beet ne1 in a gam of ches. That is a form of bastardized English. Translation: *Lot's of inthusiasm* Did you know that I could beat anyone in a game of Chess? If you wish to see more of Bastardized English, go to the chat boards of www.neopets.com.
by Karl Marx December 19, 2004
1. A bastard tongue which mixes a little bit of everything into one language creating one of the most confusing bits of chaos ever concieved by man.

2. Someone from across the pond who gets their kicks by beating up the Irish.
. . . look around you (assuming you live in an English speaking nation).
by R.Matthews December 05, 2004
Powerful solvent when applied to unstable polymers. Often mistaken for language, culture, and geographic place which we all know did not really happen in the alternate universe in which english dissolves those damn polymers.
After the frightful polymer spill a liberal application of english cleaned it right up. The sun gleamed off the bright smooth surface once the english was used.
by paralllell mr. universe October 02, 2003
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