Powerful solvent when applied to unstable polymers. Often mistaken for language, culture, and geographic place which we all know did not really happen in the alternate universe in which english dissolves those damn polymers.
After the frightful polymer spill a liberal application of english cleaned it right up. The sun gleamed off the bright smooth surface once the english was used.
by paralllell mr. universe October 02, 2003
1. A bunch of wimps who tried to conquer Scotland multiple times but failed each time; the only reason "Great Britain" exists is because of a SCOTTISH king who took the throne of England and ended up betraying his own kin.

2. Germanic peoples that deny their heritage because of a hatred of Germany.
1. Battle of Bannockburn, Scottish Wars of Independence,
Scottish Soldier #1: "Sir, the English are advancing! They've got us outnumbered seven to one!"

Scottish Soldier #2: "Perfect, they didn't bring enough to win this fight!"
2. WW1, WW2
by Broke@USEast March 08, 2011
English is a code or term that was often used when print ads
were one of the only ways of connecting with other members
of the hidden S/m community. This term or code is most often
used to identify spanking or corporal punishment. In addition,
there is English 'style' spanking. This style is distinguished by the
rapid glancing or 'side' blows of the hands across the buttocks.
Often the Dominant will heat the flesh through orienting the strikes
to land or overlap each other in order to build on the level of
intensity without virtually any risk of bruising or damage to the
A prostitute might refer to services she provides as English, Greek, French, etc.
by Raskolnikov March 20, 2006
The most confusing languages ever created(?). It doesn't seem to make any sense at all whatsoever. It's filled with silent letters, oxymorons, and every other kind of grammatical error you can think of.
Example of a weird error in the English language:
Feet smell and noses run
by guess my name! August 20, 2007
The only language many Americans think is all they'll ever need and what all U.S. immigrants are unfairly expected to learn.
A person who can speak three languages is trilingual.
A person who can speak two languages is bilingual.
A person who can speak only one language is English.
by ISpeakzAmericaneze August 01, 2009
Race of German barbarians who historically wade in the blood of Scots, Irish, Welsh, and loads of other innocent peoples; and are the people who run Britain. English have a history if bleeding other peoples dry for their labor and natural resources.

Very cunning, two-faced People. They are very polite to the face, and talk very nastily behind your back; unless they are drunk in a pub;- in which case they will start singing racist songs. There are two types of English people. One class is very very intelligent and capable, the other class is fairly stupid and capable of getting manipulated by the cleverer class. But as a combination they are very efficient.

English people are very hard-working people, and dislike lazy south asians and wogs very much. Pretty soon there won't be an English race, because the Pakis will soon out-breed them, and the blacks, who are prefered by the English lasses for their longer dicks and coolness, will soon finish their easy automatic mission of mongrelizing the English race.

Never go into an English pub, the local English buggers get very nasty once they are drunk - as compensation for their false politeness when they are sober. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Some favorite English pub songs are:-

"Nigger nigger nigger, what you had for dinner, you are a black beggar sinner, you are never ever a winner"

And the better known BNP pub anthem:-

"Paki go home...."
by Irish Superman April 13, 2007
1: A bastardised and relatively young language that is incredibly versatile and also sounds better than any other language when put to music. One of the advantages of the versatility of English and its' relative youth is the ability to absorb the best parts of other languages whilst ignoring the silly bits. French people are jealous of the English language because although theirs' sounds much sexier when spoken, it has a million stupid rules which the rest of the world has no patience for.

2: People born within England (not Britain or UK). A mongrel tribe of excessively agressive people who, not content with slaughtering the indiginous peoples of the British Isles, took their agression on a worldwide mission brutally slaughtering and repressing peoples covering the entire globe (unless the french or spanish beat them too it, which was not often due to their laziness).
English people work longer hours than almost any other country in Europe (compensated for by alcoholism) and have a generally shitty quality of life, despite this they maintain an arrogant superiority which engenders hatred for them throughout the world (especially in Ireland, Scotland, & Wales). Although the British government is responsible for the island of Britain it is an essentially English government so any hatred towards the 'British' should be directed first and foremost at the English (rather than Welsh or Scottish).

3. Much the same as definition two, a cunning and deceitfull bastard that will smile at your face whilst planning to give you a right royal fucking (and not in a nice way). Also a nationalistic moron whose patron saint was a Roman Soldier from eatern Europe given to the English by their Norman masters, although the real patron saint of England (and stil of the royal Family) is Edward the Confessor - an Englishman!.
(To a Parisian waiter)
"When you've stopped sulking read the menu in English."

(To an gibbering Indian call centre employee)
"Pardon? Sorry? Could you repeat that please? I'm sorry but does anyone speak English there?"

(To an American)
"Cat is spelt C.A.T."
"We don't 'jerk off' here old chap, we wank!"

(To an Austrailian)
"I know English doesn't come naturally to you but may I have two pints of lager please."

(To George W. Bush)
"In English, nuclear is pronounced new-clear."

(To Scots, Welsh, Irishman)
"Do you like the the English?"
"No, they're a bunch of no good, blood sucking bastards."
by lukaz January 12, 2007
it is the language that is said all over the world, from all countries that are or were in the british empire. it is an ugrade and and more sencable verision of welsh, whish was the language that was spoken in england many moons ago' then someone desided to change it to make it more appropriate.
English: " hello my name is paul and i enjoy rimming and drinking orange juice."

Welsh: " hallo fi noj oi paul enf i enfip rimmoj enf gihnkif orago juid."
by mike2ky October 18, 2006
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