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The only good place in New Jersey besides Newark Airport departures section. It's not such a bad place. It's a nice city where I lived for fifteen years with several streets to make up Downtown, and the higher-class neighborhood is not called "the hills"; It's the East Hill. Across the railroad tracks is the dangerous section of lower-side Downtown (aka Englehood). Anything beyond the Chase Bank on Palisade Ave is where I wouldn't go. Otherwise the city has some nice restaurants like Baumgarts (Chinese and Asian), Blue Moon (Mexican), It's Greek To Me (Greek), Bennie's (Middle Eastern), and much, much more. There's also a Palisade Court with some clothing stores and more restaurants. There are several car dealerships and Grand Avenue and Engle Street and some small factories.

Only thing I hate is the social issue. There's such a big racial divide. I suffered bad treatment from Orthodox Jewish neighbors living on the East Hill because my family wasn't Orthodox. A lot of African Americans and Hispanic people live on the other side. Plus when you're walking out at night, drunk assholes flip you off from their cars for reasons that are never explained.

Englewood is still the best city in New Jersey.
Resident: I love it here! There's so much to do and so many places to go!

Resident 2: Just be careful with the people in Englewood, New Jersey. I was walking my dogs on Broad Avenue and this lady on her motor bike gave me the middle finger for no reason.
by Bigfootbelva13 August 25, 2009
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