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Pertaining to a couple you ship on a TV show that you hope ends the series together.
Chuck & Blair on Gossip Girl are endgame; they belong together.
by Shipper4life July 28, 2011
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To make it to the last level of a game. To be considered at the peak of your game. To be the best/elite/powerful. Best and/or powerful items come from the EndGame.
In regards to MMO's, making it to EndGame is basically defeating the most difficult content provided. Player1, "I've never seen a sword with those high stats, you must be at EndGame".

Can also be used comparitively to career success.
by GIZAK September 22, 2005
1. Traditionally used to describe the final rounds of chess games.

2. Also used to describe the final moments of a dramatic encounter, fight or series of events.

3. In MMORPG. Used to describe the playing done by people who have reached the maximum progression and/or the most advanced content currently available.
"....and now we enter, end game."
- The Simpsons' Principal Seymour Skinner (while hunting down a truant Bart Simpson)
by FlowersInMidgar2 June 09, 2008
1) The final stage of any dramatic event.
2) The final stage of a chess game, usually after a significant reduction in material.
Jack slept with a dirty woman which forced him into the endgame of his already pathetic life.
by Zen January 01, 2007
The desirable outsome of a one or a series of acts.
Charlie pokes suspected bee hive.
Mac: Ok, alright, don't poke at it, just get it safely down into the box.
Dennis: Dude, you're going to aggitate the bees.
Charlie: Well, I'm fine with the bees, it's the honey I don't want to aggitate.
Mac: Is that your endgame here, honey?
Charlie: Yea I figure we keep the hive in the basement and we'll always have honey.
Dennis: We'll always have bees is what we'll always have!
Charlie: Whoa!
Dennis: what?
Charlie: I think I just say a wasp.
Dennis: That was a wasp.
Charlie: Did you see that, it looked like a wasp right?
Mac: Is this wasp nest?
Charlie: This is a wasp nest.
Mac: I'm out, I'm out.
Dennis: Yea, I don't want to tango with a bunch of wasps.
Charlie: Hey! Do wasps make honey?
Dennis: No, wasps do not make honey.
Charlie: Alright. Well I'm gonna check it out anyway, there could be something delicious in here that wasps do make, and I want that.
by Sir Wilhelm Schnotz August 22, 2010
endgame begins at the end of the senior year of college or high school. endgame is played between all of the seniors. the point is that since you are graduating soon now is the time to hook-up with anyone and everyone you ever had a crush on, no regrets! the people the seniors endgame don't have to be in the senior class. often it is a competition to see how many endgames one person can get. the best type of endgame is a game-changer when a senior hooks up with someone completely unexpected (i.e. a freshman, someone of the same gender, or their best friend).
Senior 1: Yo man how's your endgame going?
Senior 2: Well I got one endgame at a party last night and I still have a few more on my list. Remember that girl from that class freshman year?

Senior 1: Yeah dude she was so hot! Totally endgame that!

Senior 3: Did you hear about Bob's end game last night?
Senior 4: No! What happened?

Senior 3: He hooked up with his best friend Sally! That girl is so hot and way out of his league!
Senior 4: No! That is such a game-changer, Bob is going to win the endgame!
by cs234 May 05, 2013
The most devastating finishing maneuver ever performed. It involves hoisting a person up on to your shoulders, then twisting them off into a Diamond Cutter.
Oh no... this can't be... OH MY GOD HE HIT HIM WITH THE END GAME!!! ITS ALL OVER!
by mymiddlenameisralph July 17, 2011

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