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Home of the legendary Johnny Boy's Pizza, Videobusters ($3 movies) and Cheesecake shop all conveniently located at the terrace. Endeavour hills....are hilly.
"Where are you from again?"

Endeavour Hills.

"Yeah, ive been to wheeler's hill, I like the rural lifestyle."
by RON12345678910 October 12, 2006
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Suburb in the south-east of Melbourne.

Most people are middle-class to upper middle class, lots of parks.

3 highschools, plenty more primary schools. Most people go to Gleneagles, some christians go to Maranatha and some bogans go to Endeavour Hills Secondary College (even though it should be middle school considering it only goes up to year 9) which is soon to be demolished.

Better than Dandenong or Doveton. Has it's own shopping center and market. Most people are nice, but too many teeny boppers and a few dande sluts have moved in. Still a great suburb!
where do you live?
endeavour hills
oh i wish i lived there!
by imma black penguin August 14, 2012
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Endeavour Hills is a hilly and leafy residential suburb with many parks and gardens. Many houses have been built on steep land blocks and have distant views of the surrounding suburbs, some as far away as Frankston, Chadstone and Pakenham and in some cases the CBD.

Endeavour Hills consists of low-density residential housing - single, double and triple level brick houses - built on 1/4, 1/2, 1 or more acre blocks. A meagre of ground-level townhouses and units exist. There are no high-rise buildings and no industries. As at May 2011, the median price of house-land is $415,500. The median price of a unit is $325,000. 4

The median age of Endeavour Hills residents is 36. The median household size is 3.2 people. Approximately 77 percent of people are aged under 50 years, compared with 70 percent in metropolitan Melbourne.

Median Equivalised Household Income has been calculated from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census. Median Equivalised Gross Weekly Household Income for City of Casey was $730, compared the Victorian State average of $600. The employment rate has been calculated from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census. Of those aged 15 years or older and living in City of Casey, 65.6 percent were employed, compared to the Victorian State average of 60.9 percent.citation needed

A 24-hour Endeavour Hills Police Station is located on Heatherton Road, near the main shopping center.
you live in endeavour hills?
by Blackmonkey August 14, 2012
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