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The site that also does not exist.
ANON1: "Hey man, how do I reach the End of the Internet?"

ANON2: "You can't. It also doesn't exist."

by AnonTweaker February 27, 2009
What you call a website when you want to "rebrand" it and are too lazy to think of a better name, next thing you know it gets sold off to CNET.

Thankfully no one has ever done this because no such website exists.
"End of the Internet? I've been there, but I don't have an account... I mean, Area 51!"
by bakudandan September 13, 2009
1. A place that still doesn't exist.

2. A place that you'll never see the inside of, even if it did exist.
"Have you seen the End of the Internet?"

"No, because it doesn't exist."
by MMP2 June 28, 2009
Running out of websites to visit.
I have so little work to do today that I already reached the end of the internet.
by tetu81 September 19, 2006
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