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The most racist, bigoted, unfunny piece of shit excuse for a website I've ever had the unfortune to come across. Hell, even Uncyclopedia and Something Awful are funnier than this garbage... They claim that they do it for 'teh lulz'(it seems that misspelling words is now 'cool', NOT!) and is only joking. Yea, uh-huh, like desecrating dead Jews of the Holocaust and hating on homosexuals is funny(not to mention their witch-hunts on other ethnic groups)... Again, NOT! That's all they can do, insult and insult in a stupid, unfunny manner. Well, aside from whacking off to pictures and videos of themselves fucking their pets, that is...

Now, I'm a strong supporter/defender of the First Amendment but this is just fucking rediculous. Because on top of crudely insulting everyone/everything, they also harass and defile actual internet members on their site(ex; writing hateful/untrue articles about people and posting their email up on the article where just any psychopath could just contact them) and even on sites beyond their own. Again, doing for 'teh lulz'. *rolls eyes* Give me a fuckin' break. But, I guess like assholes, people have their own opinions... Whatever, peace out.
Encyclopedia Dramatica: No example needed here...
by Cyber Dante November 01, 2007
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The most god-awful disgrace to the internet that I have ever seen. They (the fags who run the website) think goatse and tubgirl are funny, they have porn pictures posted everywhere and they make it so it's full of lies and racist comments. They spell like they're in 1st grade and they have absolutley no life whatsoever. The articles aren't funny (they're extremley disturbing if you ask me) and they bash things that they probably don't know s**t about themselves. As stated in definition 2, these fags probably started the website to get revenge on Wikipedia for banning them after they vandalized Wikipedia's 4chan article AFTER they put disgusting and disturbing crap on 4chan. Speaking of which, Wikipedia is a factual and useful website, where people can look up information at their own leisure or for something important like a paper for school. These assholes from ED slander Wikipedia and say it sucks, when really, their website is 999,999,999,999 times more pathetic than anything else on the internet, even YTMND (no offense to YTMND fans).


Thank you.
Sometimes, I actually pay a visit to Encyclopedia Dramatica to see how much more pathetic it's gotten since I last saw it. Each time I pay a visit, I get scarred even more from seeing its retardedness.
by chimplol March 25, 2007
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A website designed for internet thugs. Typically Encyclopedia Dramatica is a website for people who watch way to many Youtube videos and love extremely overweight males with stubby penis's, as they spend time googling for these pictures just to insult someone over the internet (where their safe) so that they can add to their E-Thuging reputation and eventually become a CERTIFIED GANGSTER.

They also enjoy pictures of bukkake's and cum on male's faces.
"I'm not going to visit Encyclopedia Dramatica because I'm tired of seeing pictures of fat dudes with short, stubby cocks."
by Jack BBauer February 10, 2009
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Where a picture of a rectal prolapse is considered humor.
Encyclopedia Dramatica has some funny articles , but I could do without seeing picture of a diseased scrotum.
by queen_azure March 16, 2008
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Encyclopedia Dramatica- A terrible Wikipedia parody that just fails in its existence, just like its creators, who were banned from both Wikipedia and 4chan after vandalizing both.

ED the site makes fun of everything in a rude inept unfunny and just offensive crappy way. Because of this will probably be hacked by an angry Interneter ( Person who uses the web) in the near future then crashed.
Encyclopedia Dramatica has no friends
by Finalword April 23, 2007
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A collection of articles that make no sense or contain any value. similar in nature to Something Awful, except, it well, fails, in comparison.
Generic Guy 1: Hey man you ever been to Encyclopedia Dramatica!?!
Generic Guy 2: That place sucks more dick than John Edwards.
by Kevin Macalister January 31, 2008
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A website for people who are hopelessly bored because they can only find entertainment in a) feces, b) corpses, or c) Nazism.

Thus, most articles on ED combine all of these elements. To deflect public suspicion, ED users pretend their sexual obsession with feces and corpses is just humor: "I did it for the lulz."

These individuals, embarrassed by their condition, often prefer to remain anonymous.
Oh, I see, you're into scat porn. Maybe you should head on over to Encyclopedia Dramatica, you'll make some friends there.
by no_tattoos January 27, 2009
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