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A lulzy site where a bunch of /b/s grouped together.It defines pretty much what the interwabz is like and rally theri members up for a invasion.Some memorable articles on ED are:

"An Hero"
and moar.

People on Deviantart,and this very site tend to bitch that ED should stop their bicthing.Accuratly describing their intelligence.Cause we all now that dah IntErwAbs r serious fucking buziness.Well atleast to dramahoares.

Encyclopedia Dramatica:
One of the lulziest site on teh entire interwabs
by Yurmomma August 15, 2007
109 208

Encyclopedia dramatica IS NOT GONNA DINE IN HELL and obviosly knows how to shot web.
encyclopedia dramatica is kinda YTMND, a whole bunch of memes, emo bashing and mudkips( i herd u leik them) all put together, not only that, but they are experts of lulz, what could be better?????????one
encyclopedia dramatica
so i herd u leik mudkips???
i can haz cheezburgr???
pools closed
a cat is fine too(!)
do a barrel roll
bitches dont know...
i am in your base killing your d00ds
by lolster November 06, 2007
94 216
A wiki made by some cool people that were banned from Wikipedia by jealous conservatives. It's like Urban Dictionary except... an encyclopedia. Also, it revolves around LiveJournal drama.
Wow, I didn't know that Al Gore invented the internets! Thanks, Encyclopedia Dramatica!
by adsims July 14, 2005
423 640
This is the best motherfucking wiki-based site ever. Anyone who does not agree with this is a fucking scum bag conservative, or is gay.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is the best place on the internets, your mum told me so get fucked you fucking mother fucking piece of conservative scum shit and/or faggot homosexual, go eat a dick dick eater.
by Sepul^ November 05, 2006
515 767