A website where people write wiki articles, about everything that is worthy of being mocked. Every single element of "ED" is hilarious.

Some of the things being satired on "ED" are scientology trolls live journal mudkips furries, and ass pies
ass pies and furries, hate encyclopedia dramatica, because it makes fun of them.
by Jeremy Orkin February 26, 2010
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a joke encyclopedia that embodies the very essence of offensiveness and the phrase "if you can't beat them, join them". It manages to be funny not because of the wit of its writers, but because of the reactions it incites.
I mean seriously, look at the other definitions on urbandictionary that insult Encyclopedia Dramatica. Don't they look familiar?
by lulzader August 26, 2008
The best place to get school papers and look up "your mom" on.
I went to Encyclopedia Dramatica and got my paper on Huckleberry Finn. Derp.
by LucarioWolf April 12, 2010
Basically a rip off of the much more interesting and hilarious wikisite Uncyclopedia, as in, it's not that interesting or hilarious at all, as is with all rip offs. Often the people who write articles for the site overuse bold font and the word "gay", then end up finding a way to make themselves look dumb.
Note that all the articles are written by people who can't do come backs for shit and using it's "exclusiveness"(much like Gmail was with invites) to avoid the people or fans of whatever subject to reply back, thus, meaning they can't be seen as even more lame then what they already appear to be. But then again, the best way to know a person is a complete cockshit online is to see if they belong to the site.
"ure gay! Im goin 2 make an encylopeda dremataca(encyclopedia dramatica) ardicle over this! >:("

by BaneTK September 18, 2007
complete and total pwning and trolling of all the dumb fucks and contributers to furries
"furries want my soul, but encyclopedia dramatica will use its trolling sword of lulz to save me, because i suck cocks"
by 733t 15 64y August 06, 2009
A wiki created by cool people who make fun of people. They claim to "do it for the lulz." This website is racist, sexist, offensive and most of all, fursecuting. The creators of encyclopedia dramatica rule.
Encyclopedia dramatica's awesome.
by wills0 June 22, 2010
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