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A failed attempt at a Wikipedia parody that is actually a cover for a non-stop bitching and whining fest, in which it's users insult things for simply being popular to give off the illusion of being iconoclastic or edgy.

For every entry that may actually be funny, there are at least five that are simply a twenty year old loser coming up with sentences to fit the word faggotry into while "sticking it" to some sub-culture of people no one in their right minds gives two shits about.

Tips for the budding ED writer:

Believe that the word "lulz" is some magical incantation that successfully shields you from potential scrutiny. Apparently when you do everything that your site condemns, you are no longer a neckbeard basement dweller, obsessed loser if you write for ED and use "I did it for teh lulz" as an opening disclaimer.

Each entry should read like the World's Angriest Mad Lib. Take X (the subject that will garner the most "look at me, I need attention because no one loves me" points) then start with a stupid origin ripped from the previous 500 entries. Swear a lot. Link to no less than 400 other entries, 200 of which should be their lame inside jokes/memes that are somehow less retarded than everyone else's. Annie may! Betty Sue! 100 years ago! *wipes tear* Pure comedy gold.

Basically just copy and past a previous entry, take out the subject key words, add a few "faggotry's" and cock/gay/nigger/Jew/Nazi/rape jokes to it and call it a day. That way, you can rest assured knowing you pissed off some random people for no real reason.

When people get upset, pretend that no one is supposed to take it seriously (at least, not more seriously than you do) and that you know what parody or satire looks like. Also stand by the false assumption that you are funny and that anyone who simply finds the complete reliance on the same five stale jokes lame doesn't have a sense of humor. Also "funny" means biting everyone else's writing style to fit in.

You can be offensive and funny. Comedians do it all the time. However, there is a reason most of the ED writers are on ED. They just aren't funny.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a nerd-run hate site disguised as a satirical Wikipedia but anyone with a half a brain can see through that paper thin pretense.
by FlowersInMidgar2 May 31, 2008
A stupid wiki full of Autism shaming, Retard shaming, Brony shaming, Gay shaming, meatspin, goatse, lemonparty, ads that give you viruses, and stereotypes.

The average Encyclopedia Dramatica user is 14 years old. He is at the stage of life where he things homophobia is good. He is also at the stage where mental diseases are fair game for insults disguised as jokes, and thinks shock sites are funny.

The developers of Encyclopedia Dramatica don't care about quality control; anything goes there. They just want to put ads that give viruses to appease their advertisers, sites like playpickle and many generic porn viruses.

The basic framework of an Encyclopedia Dramatica page: This person's autistic and he can't take an insult; be nice. Gay nigger faggot I love Meatspin wee!

Thankfully, there's a joke wiki that is actually FUNNY. It's called uncyclopedia. This is a better version of Uncyclopedia that doesn't use stereotypes or shock images to be funny.
I went on Encyclopedia Dramatica today; I had to go on Uncyclopedia for 13 hours to recover from how unfunny it was!
by Kfcnyancat April 18, 2014
A comedy wiki that is quick to ban you. Accidentally erase a couple articles and they'll ban you, make a couple of unfunny posts and you're banned. Irritate the admins about your unfair ban...you guessed it! You're banned. Basically a community run by people with a loose trigger finger on the ban hammer. Then they vandalize pics of you with penises. (Trust me, experience).
by -Anonymous- August 17, 2012
A website for people who are hopelessly bored because they can only find entertainment in a) feces, b) corpses, or c) Nazism.

Thus, most articles on ED combine all of these elements. To deflect public suspicion, ED users pretend their sexual obsession with feces and corpses is just humor: "I did it for the lulz."

These individuals, embarrassed by their condition, often prefer to remain anonymous.
Oh, I see, you're into scat porn. Maybe you should head on over to Encyclopedia Dramatica, you'll make some friends there.
by no_tattoos January 27, 2009
EncyclopediaDramatica.com is supposedly a Wikipedia parody. It tries to be funny, tries to be offensive, and succeeds only at being snotty.
Encyclopedia Dramatica consists mainly of the repeated use of rude words for shock value...rather like a twelve-year-old with more attitude than vocabulary.
by Qit el-Remel April 23, 2008
The most racist, bigoted, unfunny piece of shit excuse for a website I've ever had the unfortune to come across. Hell, even Uncyclopedia and Something Awful are funnier than this garbage... They claim that they do it for 'teh lulz'(it seems that misspelling words is now 'cool', NOT!) and is only joking. Yea, uh-huh, like desecrating dead Jews of the Holocaust and hating on homosexuals is funny(not to mention their witch-hunts on other ethnic groups)... Again, NOT! That's all they can do, insult and insult in a stupid, unfunny manner. Well, aside from whacking off to pictures and videos of themselves fucking their pets, that is...

Now, I'm a strong supporter/defender of the First Amendment but this is just fucking rediculous. Because on top of crudely insulting everyone/everything, they also harass and defile actual internet members on their site(ex; writing hateful/untrue articles about people and posting their email up on the article where just any psychopath could just contact them) and even on sites beyond their own. Again, doing for 'teh lulz'. *rolls eyes* Give me a fuckin' break. But, I guess like assholes, people have their own opinions... Whatever, peace out.
Encyclopedia Dramatica: No example needed here...
by Cyber Dante November 01, 2007
A website dedicated to parodying mainly popular things on the internet, in the style of Wikipedia. Stuff they have articles on include memes and macros, amongst others. They also have articles on chatspeak, popular websites, and usergroups. Their articles usually contain little actual facts, and make little to no sense IRL. The site has been bashed for many reasons, due to it's innapropriate, borderline porn-site content, and making fun of topics often seen as serious. They mean it when they say they "do it for the lulz" (which is a popular phrase with users). However, the site was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, as many people will probably tell others who seem enraged by it. However, many also view Encyclopedia Dramatica as "going too far", because many times they not only parody certain topics, but spam and hack websites relating to that topic and post their content and opinions on there, too. They even poke fun at certain users on certain websites, these users often furious at what is said about them.
Personally, I find some of the content on ED (as it is commonly abbreviated) funny, even hilarious at times. However, some content does seem offensing if it bashes things I like or do. If this happens, I just remind myself it is only a website, and proceed to do something else. I know it sounds corny, but that's my advice to you if you are ever pissed off by that site. Remember, if you hate someone, but they haven't done anything illegal, you can't get them arrested. Same goes for ED. If you can't handle ED, you shouldn't look on there, and if you can't avoid it, then throw your modem out the window because you can't handle the internet. Note, however, that users who are parodied on there may experience different emotions due to users often flaming them when they object.
ED even has an IRC chat room, but I am a noob therefore I do not go in it. You might wanna though. I have no idea what's in there and no intention of finding out.
Another thing, if you are squemish or offended easily by pictures, do not go on their either. Almost every page links to a page with a "disturbing" pic.
I bet the people from Encyclopedia Dramatica will give this definition thumbs down because it says not to take it seriously.
by UDArticleMakerandorEditor June 27, 2007