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The best place in the world.
"Encyclopedia Dramatica may have naked pictures of underage girls,but it sure is awesome!"
by Attack Fork April 03, 2008
A large wiki written by butthurt 12 year olds, who spend their lives behind their computers snorting and giggling about how they linked the word "Furries" to the page "Gay", or how they posted a picture of genitals with the caption "(Victim name)'s face".

Around 90% of the articles on this website are unfunny garbage, often about DeviantART users that happened to say something that one of them didn't like. This causes them to write enormous pages about the person, telling everyone how "Immature" and "butthurt" they are, when in truth, they most likely told the author that their art needs work. Many users of the website also claim to be members of the hacker group "anonymous", but are most likely too crude and uneducated to learn to hack.
Encyclotard: Oh wow! Did you see my new article on Encyclopedia Dramatica? I said this guy's face was a butt with shit coming out of it! *giggle snort* I'm so funny! Anonymous are sure to accept me now!

Other Encyclotard: Ha! Well I linked this guy's name to the page for "retard"! I'm hilarious!
by HintHint January 16, 2013
Disgruntled avant garde spinoff, whose content consists of bashing pessimism and smug (and) cr(ass) commentary, on everything deemed unvaluable ? Brat-ware, a spoiled online publisher(s) who takes out after hours his own malcontentedness with own raving existence by maliciously slandering (*for humor*) anyone not up to his/their high moral standards, and sense of accomplishment. A form of unintentional (?) irony, bashing "losers" and creeps with loser-y and scumbagish reportage.
Lots of glib and snide critiques can be found on encyclopedia dramatica, but they should be taken with a grain of salt.
by bootiliciousness May 07, 2011
The gonads of the world wide web. A painfully unfunny website run by angsty 15 year olds. A homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, racist monstrosity for anti-social queers to vent their rage and anger.

Anyone who tells you that Encyclopedia Dramatica is meant as a "joke", unless they indubitably consider coprophillia and suicide funny, is bullshitting you. Contrary to ED's disclaimer, their content is very much NOT done "for the lulz" and should be taken very seriously, as it is all very genuine and NOT written in a joking manner.
Typical ED entry: zOMG U hAvE AsPErG3rS u SHuD b3C0mE aN HErO

Typical Encyclopedia Dramatica fanboy: OmGZZ sTP BeIN sO OfFEnDEd WuR LeIK JokKING Y u TAeK TEh iNTUrNEtz sO SrsLy.... ZoMGZz... gOaTSIezzZZzzzz..... LOlolOLOLOL
by Ronald Pennywise June 14, 2013
Basically the asshole of the Internet. Right between 4chan] (the left butt cheek) and Omegle] (the right butt cheek)
The average Encyclopedia Dramatica article:
<Insert name of random person here> likes sucking dicks and eating shit for breakfast.
by NukeMap111 October 01, 2013
A stupid wiki full of Autism shaming, Retard shaming, Brony shaming, Gay shaming, meatspin, goatse, lemonparty, ads that give you viruses, and stereotypes.

The average Encyclopedia Dramatica user is 14 years old. He is at the stage of life where he things homophobia is good. He is also at the stage where mental diseases are fair game for insults disguised as jokes, and thinks shock sites are funny.

The developers of Encyclopedia Dramatica don't care about quality control; anything goes there. They just want to put ads that give viruses to appease their advertisers, sites like playpickle and many generic porn viruses.

The basic framework of an Encyclopedia Dramatica page: This person's autistic and he can't take an insult; be nice. Gay nigger faggot I love Meatspin wee!

Thankfully, there's a joke wiki that is actually FUNNY. It's called uncyclopedia. This is a better version of Uncyclopedia that doesn't use stereotypes or shock images to be funny.
I went on Encyclopedia Dramatica today; I had to go on Uncyclopedia for 13 hours to recover from how unfunny it was!
by Kfcnyancat April 18, 2014
A comedy wiki that is quick to ban you. Accidentally erase a couple articles and they'll ban you, make a couple of unfunny posts and you're banned. Irritate the admins about your unfair ban...you guessed it! You're banned. Basically a community run by people with a loose trigger finger on the ban hammer. Then they vandalize pics of you with penises. (Trust me, experience).
by -Anonymous- August 17, 2012