The venereal disease of the Internet. ED is what happens when freedom and electricity meets utter stupidity. ED is frequented and Admined by individuals that if you met them in the real world you would call the Police on them. It is a danger to oneself and to ones computer to even go to the ED website as stupidity and nerdish syphylis is likely to come out and get on you and you computer. ED is the worst of the worst that the internet has to offer. It has no redeeming value of any kind and one can only look forward to the day that all involved with ED will have their computers shoved up their asses.
Encyclopedia Dramatica: chlamydia People with normal sized penises and that have money and self-respect are gay nigger jews...
by Slim Yukman September 30, 2012
A collection of clique child abuse victims with sexuaity issues who bully members by using a stupid pain tag on their talk page to push new members off their site, calling everyone a fag or butthurt when confornted. most likely bullied themselfs at school and wont admit it.. editors that are drunk on power and hyprocrites over a pissant little website that is not even funny or layed out well.

rip on others "poor spelling" when they come out with things like lulz and moar
from "Encyclopedia Dramatica!
Member: you mean the sneaky remark edit.. still changing it, you must have a real sad and non existence in the real world.. tell me was you bullied a lot at school and have to compensate by being the "hard man" online?

Power hungry virgin editor: Cry some more

Member: im being serious. i met people like you.. normally bullied abused or come from a broken home they hide themselves away on the internet playing the hard man. when deep down they are very emotionally fucked up kinda like the guy i did the article about. so i get kicked of here, so what? im still going to live another day doing my job. thats what you are just a small boy trying to puff up his feathers hiding whatever abuse or trauma you have. you keep on calling me a faggot but why is that? as i said in my edit im actually comfertable with my sexuality whatever orientation that it may be. so whatever issue you might have i take pitty on you and i will know you will reply with some childish crap to pretend your a big man on some website that had admin issues 18mths ago

Virgin Editor: Watch out guys, this guy clearly has a masters in psychology. Can't spell pity, comfortable, off, or you're but has access to the deepest recesses of the mind. Truly a dangerous internet individual.Oh my gosh,

II bow to their psychological insight... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!11
by bored user of internet August 13, 2012
A large wiki written by butthurt 12 year olds, who spend their lives behind their computers snorting and giggling about how they linked the word "Furries" to the page "Gay", or how they posted a picture of genitals with the caption "(Victim name)'s face".

Around 90% of the articles on this website are unfunny garbage, often about DeviantART users that happened to say something that one of them didn't like. This causes them to write enormous pages about the person, telling everyone how "Immature" and "butthurt" they are, when in truth, they most likely told the author that their art needs work. Many users of the website also claim to be members of the hacker group "anonymous", but are most likely too crude and uneducated to learn to hack.
Encyclotard: Oh wow! Did you see my new article on Encyclopedia Dramatica? I said this guy's face was a butt with shit coming out of it! *giggle snort* I'm so funny! Anonymous are sure to accept me now!

Other Encyclotard: Ha! Well I linked this guy's name to the page for "retard"! I'm hilarious!
by HintHint January 16, 2013
Disgruntled avant garde spinoff, whose content consists of bashing pessimism and smug (and) cr(ass) commentary, on everything deemed unvaluable ? Brat-ware, a spoiled online publisher(s) who takes out after hours his own malcontentedness with own raving existence by maliciously slandering (*for humor*) anyone not up to his/their high moral standards, and sense of accomplishment. A form of unintentional (?) irony, bashing "losers" and creeps with loser-y and scumbagish reportage.
Lots of glib and snide critiques can be found on encyclopedia dramatica, but they should be taken with a grain of salt.
by bootiliciousness May 07, 2011
A failed attempt at a Wikipedia parody that is actually a cover for a non-stop bitching and whining fest, in which it's users insult things for simply being popular to give off the illusion of being iconoclastic or edgy.

For every entry that may actually be funny, there are at least five that are simply a twenty year old loser coming up with sentences to fit the word faggotry into while "sticking it" to some sub-culture of people no one in their right minds gives two shits about.

Tips for the budding ED writer:

Believe that the word "lulz" is some magical incantation that successfully shields you from potential scrutiny. Apparently when you do everything that your site condemns, you are no longer a neckbeard basement dweller, obsessed loser if you write for ED and use "I did it for teh lulz" as an opening disclaimer.

Each entry should read like the World's Angriest Mad Lib. Take X (the subject that will garner the most "look at me, I need attention because no one loves me" points) then start with a stupid origin ripped from the previous 500 entries. Swear a lot. Link to no less than 400 other entries, 200 of which should be their lame inside jokes/memes that are somehow less retarded than everyone else's. Annie may! Betty Sue! 100 years ago! *wipes tear* Pure comedy gold.

Basically just copy and past a previous entry, take out the subject key words, add a few "faggotry's" and cock/gay/nigger/Jew/Nazi/rape jokes to it and call it a day. That way, you can rest assured knowing you pissed off some random people for no real reason.

When people get upset, pretend that no one is supposed to take it seriously (at least, not more seriously than you do) and that you know what parody or satire looks like. Also stand by the false assumption that you are funny and that anyone who simply finds the complete reliance on the same five stale jokes lame doesn't have a sense of humor. Also "funny" means biting everyone else's writing style to fit in.

You can be offensive and funny. Comedians do it all the time. However, there is a reason most of the ED writers are on ED. They just aren't funny.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a nerd-run hate site disguised as a satirical Wikipedia but anyone with a half a brain can see through that paper thin pretense.
by FlowersInMidgar2 May 31, 2008
The best place in the world.
"Encyclopedia Dramatica may have naked pictures of underage girls,but it sure is awesome!"
by Attack Fork April 03, 2008
The gonads of the world wide web. A painfully unfunny website run by angsty 15 year olds. A homophobic, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, racist monstrosity for anti-social queers to vent their rage and anger.

Anyone who tells you that Encyclopedia Dramatica is meant as a "joke", unless they indubitably consider coprophillia and suicide funny, is bullshitting you. Contrary to ED's disclaimer, their content is very much NOT done "for the lulz" and should be taken very seriously, as it is all very genuine and NOT written in a joking manner.
Typical ED entry: zOMG U hAvE AsPErG3rS u SHuD b3C0mE aN HErO

Typical Encyclopedia Dramatica fanboy: OmGZZ sTP BeIN sO OfFEnDEd WuR LeIK JokKING Y u TAeK TEh iNTUrNEtz sO SrsLy.... ZoMGZz... gOaTSIezzZZzzzz..... LOlolOLOLOL
by Ronald Pennywise June 14, 2013

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