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The place where people can hang out and pretend to be nazis and shit when all they really are is sad angry people who are writing about themselves and trying to apply it to other people. These are people who ruin the internet for everyone else and are overall annoying.
The entire site is a collection of teen angst and pointless articles. About as useful as Perez Hiltons website.
Ryan: Hey, did you read that article on YOU on Encyclopedia Dramatica?
Tyler: I did. Its pretty stupid that someone took the time to write all that out.
Ryan: Yeah. It sounded like he was trying to insult as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Tyler: Yeah. Don't let that shit get to you man.
by whatswrongwiththeworld August 03, 2010
30 8
Quite possibly the dumbest website ever. The editors over there think they're cool because they hate everything, when really, they're just pissed cause they got kicked off of /b/. Is never taken seriously, and is mocked by the people who read it. Unfortunately, the writers take it VERY seriously, and it's SERIOUS BUSINESS if you dare insult them.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is for the very people they claim to hate: thirteen year old boys.

How do you get kicked off of /b/? Seriously?
by Lady Alzers March 26, 2011
27 6
Parody of Wikipedia. Some pages are funny, whilst others are OMGWTF/CRY/CRY/CRY
Dude 1: I was on Encyclopedia Dramatica the other day, I looked up kittens.

Dude 2: Aww! I love kittens!

Dude 1: It wasn't what I expected...

*Dude 2 goes home and looks up kittens*

by Monkeys Are Communists November 18, 2010
26 5
EncyclopediaDramatica.com is supposedly a Wikipedia parody. It tries to be funny, tries to be offensive, and succeeds only at being snotty.
Encyclopedia Dramatica consists mainly of the repeated use of rude words for shock value...rather like a twelve-year-old with more attitude than vocabulary.
by Qit el-Remel April 23, 2008
122 101
Is a group of discrimatory, racist, stupid, wikipedia rejects. Thay apperently hate music because thay are computer geeks that are loosers and have no life and still live with their moms. Thay claim that it is not right to call people gay, but at the same time every second article is called gay. These people at encyclopedia dramatic need to get a life.
Go to encyclopedia dramatica and type in any band, even a good one, and it will be positive that thay are going to slander that band.
by GiantGio February 03, 2007
321 301
A site that consists of pathetic, immature, childish, attention-wanting losers so desperate to express their illogical, exaggerated opinions. Their aim is to make the viewer and internet surfer laugh in hopes of achieving some significance to the people by making crude, retarded, and ignorant articles, yet in a pathetic way, they're articles actually amuse some. Every article has stupid opinions, false facts, and their own references in defining who or what they choose to criticize, lampoon, and ridicule. Funny thing is, all of these hurtful things are actually true about themselves. Fueled by their stupid motto "In Lulz We Trust", the members of this ridiculous site are empowered by the anonymity that they must attack whatever they find funny, interesting, or news worthy.
Encyclopedia Dramatica-In Lulz We Trust
by XxXxXxXxXMikeXxXxXxXxX February 18, 2012
24 5
where hope goes to get raped
No 16 year old girls at Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by that. fucking. cat. March 26, 2010
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