Is a group of discrimatory, racist, stupid, wikipedia rejects. Thay apperently hate music because thay are computer geeks that are loosers and have no life and still live with their moms. Thay claim that it is not right to call people gay, but at the same time every second article is called gay. These people at encyclopedia dramatic need to get a life.
Go to encyclopedia dramatica and type in any band, even a good one, and it will be positive that thay are going to slander that band.
by GiantGio February 03, 2007
where hope goes to get raped
No 16 year old girls at Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by that. fucking. cat. March 26, 2010
A tongue-in-cheek website mimicking Wikipedia. Chronicles internet culture rather than factual information, and is largely built on sarcasm and hyperbole.
"I saw this really hilarious but questionably sourced article on Encyclopedia Dramatica!"
by Twinkletits March 12, 2007
Encyclopedia Dramatica is a site run by middle aged men and 13 year old boys that were banned off of 4Chan, cried rivers of tears, and made ED to feel "special" and "different from 4chan". It's a site that specializes in ridiculing people and making articles about old memes. Most of the time, it tries to be funny but fails..HARD. It's a site so poor, it needs to leech money off it's own members in order to survive. It just shows that it's a terrible site that can't even run itself efficiently. It's nice to browse once in a while, but it sucks to be a member.
Encyclopedia Dramatica:Donations nao?
Everyone else: NO!

Insert topic here is a autistic, retarded faggot who thinks he ownz teh internetz. You can help by raeping him up the ass.
by HalcyHatesTrollsDespiteBeing1 December 04, 2011
The cesspool of the internet inhabited by the most unruly crowd of unfunny, uneducated, undisciplined and criminal assholes to ever use the web.

They are fans of taking innocent things such as Sonic the Hedgehog and posting the most distasteful, untrue, unfunny and frankly disgraceful shit they could pull out of their assholes about them.

Go to Uncyclopedia if you want a good laugh. They have the intelligence and skill to be funny without needing a ton of shock images (and while we're at it, funny whatsoever). Also they aren't a community of no-lifers that you see on encyclopedia dramatica.
Friend - Hey, go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and search "Sonic the Hedgehog"

Me - Thanks for filling my mind with the most inappropriate images of my favourite characters since I was a child.
by spsman69 April 15, 2011
The worst site you're likely to stumble upon, although only the unfortunate do. They have a forum, where people chat, generally people with no life who flame practically everything and everyone, mostly targetting Deviantart and Youtube.

They claim to do things 'for teh lulz' < Retard language.
They flame and bash every art aspect, whilst they probably couldn't even draw art for shit themselves.
Yeah, possibly the most ridiculous piece of bullshit you'll encounter.
They also use a very poor range of vocabulary and grammar because they spent so much time on their petty little site and skip school in order to do so.
N00b 1: We should make an article on that person, there art suks! we could totally do it 'for tuh lulz'

N00b 2: Encyclopedia Dramatica h8ers should go be an hero!
by AnonymousRanterer November 30, 2010
A lame copy off of Uncyclopedia, but with more... inapropriaties. DON'T READ IT!
I am NOT going to use Encyclopedia Dramatica in an example
by strongfan August 10, 2008

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