Encyclopedia Dramatica- A terrible Wikipedia parody that just fails in its existence, just like its creators, who were banned from both Wikipedia and 4chan after vandalizing both.

ED the site makes fun of everything in a rude inept unfunny and just offensive crappy way. Because of this will probably be hacked by an angry Interneter ( Person who uses the web) in the near future then crashed.
Encyclopedia Dramatica has no friends
by Finalword April 23, 2007
If Wikipedia was written by people so unfunny they couldn't even write for SA, this is what it would look like. Every article is written exactly the same, there is nothing funny on the entire website, it is only browsed by stupid kids who cream their pants when they see some other stupid kid saying something bad about a show they don't like. ED editors are always hypocritical. They'll say calling others gay is lame, but then turn around and say every band is gay. They try to gain attention by acting like their attached to 4chan, but most /b/tards (over 14) don't like ED.
OMFG Encyclopedia Dramatica made fun of System of a Down! LOL that part was great, although I'm going to ingore the part where they make fun on my favorite comedian Carlos Mencia.
by ForcedAnonymous December 17, 2006
A site that used to be funny as hell, you thought this site was awesome.
It used to be awesome in its earlier days
it is now run by a bunch of faggots who are EXACTLY what the articles are bashing
After you realize who USED to control the site
and who CURRENTLY controls the site, u realize its just the anonymous posters who edit shit, which is a lot of people,.

so being ED is not COOL

seriously, they're supporters of longcat and mudkipz and other loser shit now,

it used to be cool.
newfags think theyre shit on ED they talk about "the cancer thats killing /b/" and say shit just cuz ED says it, like fucking dogs

and "the cancer that is killing /b/ shit"
/b/ has been fucking dead for years

What about the fucking cancer that killed ED?

soooo....fuck all the current leaders of ED they're the fucking cancer.

remember, its not ED thats funny, i know u were thinking at first the bitchez on ED wrote the articles...dont deny it its not the people on ED that are "funny"...


steve: yo dude those Encyclopedia dramatica guys r fucking wicked

Me: no dumbshit its the random people all over the net, ED used to be fucking cool, now they suck dick, just look at the fucking admins and shit, fatass girlvinyl and the rest of the gang, pompous asses that think they're cool, arrogant as shit too, laugh when people talk bad about em, they'd probably point and laugh at this and block it out but the REAL Epimps would probably draw penises all over it and say "FRANKS N BEANS"

its a shame losers are taking control of everything, rock/glamrock=cool
rap 50 n snoopdogg=cool
whatever that shit on the radio is=gay
hip hop usher/outkast=cool
that shit on the radio with the voice alter shit=gay
metal megadeth iron maiden=cool
nu metal=gay
50-to-69 cars=cool
supras and mazdas=gay
internet 90's to '05=when only smartass epimps knew how to use computers
'05 to present=any dumbfuck can get on the internet.

WE NEED 2012

P.S. pleez put this up, its probably the only truth about ED on here
by EX-troll, EX-/b/tard,EX-epimp February 15, 2010
Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a wiki formed by LJDrama people who were writing Wikipedia articles about LiveJournal incidents, but found that such content was deleted. They started their own wiki to document online drama; hence the name.

ED is loved or hated. Those who "get" it treasure it like old issues of MAD Magazine. Those who don't get it, such as fans of funny-wiki Uncyclopedia, disparage it at length.

Articles on ED fall into several general types. (View with caution: NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

(1) Internet people: ED documents many Internet users and their online activities. Targets include users of LiveJournal, MySpace, DeviantART, and Wikipedia, as well as sexual predators, and actual racists. (Mediacrat, Tay Zonday, Chris Forcand)

(2) Public train wrecks: Like a tabloid, ED documents and mocks offline people, groups and events that are deemed worthy of ridicule. (My Chemical Romance, Lindsay Lohan, Carlos Sousa Jr.)

(3) Internet terms: ED documents Internet sites, culture, lingo and memes, often in a fairly factual manner. Included are many 4chan memes. (So i herd u liek mudkip, Profit, YTMND)

(4) Hate articles: ED takes on and caricatures a racist, sexist, homophobic, sanctimonious, and frequently outright insane perspective. (JEWS DID WTC, Rape, Furry)

(5) Shock images: ED houses many noted shock images. (Goatse, Offended, 1guy1jar <-- Careful, you can't un-see them.)
A: "I saw the most horrible thing ever at Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm scarred and offended."

B: "That'll happen."

C: "I saw the funniest thing ever there! I laughed 'til I cried."

B: "That'll happen too."
by GtotheT October 09, 2009
A group of people on the internet that are racist, homophobic and think that saying ' I did it for the lulz' is a proper excuse for such behaviour.

As well as this they objectify women, deem rape acceptable because 'they're asking for it' and even more worryingly feature articles on pubescent girls that according to them fit the above label.
Encyclopedia Dramatica Admin: So this 12 yr old was really asking for it, but I raped her mum instead because I don't do fat chicks.
by Anonygirl321 July 15, 2010
Is the most UNFUNNY website there is,they are also known for coming up with the STUPIDEST word in the english language LULZ.They disguise themselves in the form of wiki
and write articles even less funny then drawn together,They typically like to make fun of such things as VA Tech,The Holocaust,and of course the most deserving of all 9/11.
John:Hey Jack have you seen Encyclopedia Dramatica's page on
Jack:Oh yeah It was hilarious I mean whats more funny than talking about extremists hijacking planes then crashing them into buildings and killing 3000 people,oh and even more funny a group of people trying to stop a plane from crashing into the white house who prevail but still end up crashing in a field! Oh and what really had me cracking up was them talking about people crying because all they have left of their loved on is a charred arm!God I almost died laughing!
by BodegaB February 29, 2008
A 30 minute sketch comedy television show staring Dr. Phil, Hulk Hogan, and Missy Elliot.
Billy Ray Cirus: Yo, homez, did you see Encyclopedia Dramatica last night?

His Daughter: No dad, you had me bound up in rope in the back seat of your car.

Billy: Oh, oh well, sucks for you!
by EricxMastaRymah December 12, 2007
Pretty much all of what has been posted here. I won't say more about those aspects.

It's ironic that sometimes they cause people to embrace the very things that are derided and hated upon in the article. For instance, I got into ICP purely because of the "F**king magnets" article I visited. And it's also how I discovered the word "furry".

The course of action to take? Nothing. Take the neutral jing; if they make you mad, they win. Also, given the sheer amount of retardation in this excuse of a website, I predict it will collapse under its own weight like a black hole, what with every "Good New Article" that they get.
From the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on furries:

Furries are the scum of the Earth, and the surest candidates for dying alone. The furry fandom will accept ANYONE, and hence attracts the worst and most pathetic people in the world. Furries are so ugly that they make Brian Peppers look attractive, so stupid that they make autists look smart, and pathetic beyond compare. FAIL doesn't even begin to encompass how bad furries have done in life. Dying alone is the best they can do, preferably in the style of Mr Hands.
by Mr. Skyhawk September 20, 2010

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