Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a wiki formed by LJDrama people who were writing Wikipedia articles about LiveJournal incidents, but found that such content was deleted. They started their own wiki to document online drama; hence the name.

ED is loved or hated. Those who "get" it treasure it like old issues of MAD Magazine. Those who don't get it, such as fans of funny-wiki Uncyclopedia, disparage it at length.

Articles on ED fall into several general types. (View with caution: NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

(1) Internet people: ED documents many Internet users and their online activities. Targets include users of LiveJournal, MySpace, DeviantART, and Wikipedia, as well as sexual predators, and actual racists. (Mediacrat, Tay Zonday, Chris Forcand)

(2) Public train wrecks: Like a tabloid, ED documents and mocks offline people, groups and events that are deemed worthy of ridicule. (My Chemical Romance, Lindsay Lohan, Carlos Sousa Jr.)

(3) Internet terms: ED documents Internet sites, culture, lingo and memes, often in a fairly factual manner. Included are many 4chan memes. (So i herd u liek mudkip, Profit, YTMND)

(4) Hate articles: ED takes on and caricatures a racist, sexist, homophobic, sanctimonious, and frequently outright insane perspective. (JEWS DID WTC, Rape, Furry)

(5) Shock images: ED houses many noted shock images. (Goatse, Offended, 1guy1jar <-- Careful, you can't un-see them.)
A: "I saw the most horrible thing ever at Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm scarred and offended."

B: "That'll happen."

C: "I saw the funniest thing ever there! I laughed 'til I cried."

B: "That'll happen too."
by GtotheT October 09, 2009
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Where facts die, and stereotypes lie.
Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by Enterweb May 24, 2006
A wiki-based collaborative site humour cataloguing internet culture, memes and internet drama, especially relating to livejournal, 4chan, wikipedia and troll activites lampooning virtually all popular subcultures taking a crude and ill-restrained approach. It shouldn't be taken too seriously.
encyclopedia dramatica; i did it for the lulz.
by forgreatjustice February 15, 2007
A group of former /b/tards that were banned from 4chan for posting child porn. These former /b/tards (now just "tards") went and vandalized 4chan's Wikipedia article, and were promptly banned from there, too. Out of bitterness, these people began Encyclopedia Dramatica as a way to get back at the Internet and fill the gigantic void where their e-cocks used to be. Articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica usually consist of websites or people which are all branded as "unfunny" and/or "gay" because Encyclopedia Dramatica is the Absolute Internet Judge Of All That Is Funny And/Or Gay.
The pedophile was banned from a website, so he wrote an article about the website on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by Dark Chaos November 09, 2006
An "encyclopedia" where people go to bash things that they dont like, but the majority of people do. The meeting place for 13 year olds who dont have that many freinds and spend all of their life on the internet writing hate-shit about jews, youtube, blacks, arabs, and etc.
If you dont like the site, a little mid-pubescent boy will send his lulz minions to attack you with tr0lls.
You see many people describing hate for ED on Urban Dictionary. And you know what? They're mostly thumbed up.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is the most unfunniest pile of lies, racism, and shit that I've ever seen on the internet. Which, no, it's not serious business...I know you're being mocking of noobs, but how can you mock what you already are?
by Dr. Clash December 27, 2007
A website claiming to be satirical, but in fact it is just used by fourteen year old losers to insult anything they dislike.
Teenage boy - "I use encyclopedia dramatica to spread hate speech about everything, but it's ok because I do it for the lulz!!!!"
by jiaolong January 08, 2008
A site where rejects from Wikipedia who prefer stereotypical bitching over factual information post the most meaningless shit you will ever see in your entire life.

Go to Encyclopedia Dramatica and look up some band. This is what you'll see.

"(Band name here) is a piece of shit band thats gay and sucks dick. Here is a picture of one of the band members having gay sex. Please note that this is NOT photoshopped. *Photoshopped picture here*"

They claim that wikipedia has no good information that revolves around the internet or internet culture. But what they don't realize is that Wikipedia is a fucking online encyclopedia, unlike UrbanDictionary which is a site where people like me post their opinions rather than real information. Wikipedia is for real information that will help you out in real life with things such as reports or research.

In short, Encyclopedia Dramatica sucks.
Encyclopedia Dramatica... failure in it's purest form.
by I doesn't has no name September 15, 2006
For any first-time web user looking to see what the internet (and, sub sequentially, its users) is really like, than look no further. From crude, childish humor to people who hate your band, Encyclopedia Dramatica is the perfect representation of what the interwebs is REALLY all about. Lampooning everything including itself, ED puts a funny and often offensive twist on every conglomerated experience (good, bad, or otherwise) you've ever had on the internet. Free from guilt, remorse, or liability, its authors poke fun at (read: insult) everything from Live Journal feuds to politics, gay marriage to women's rights. Be it video games or porn search engines, nothing is sacred, everything is up for grabs, and if its popular or blog-worthy, you'll most likely find someone tearing it a new one on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Most weekend lesbians are also attention whores, and will never actually do the deed should the situation arise. This only compounds on their total stupidity, as telling someone about how you drunkenly kissed another girl is like bragging to a black person about a really deep tan you had once.
- Encyclopedia Dramatica on "Weekend Lesbians"
by VR_Jay May 12, 2007

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