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To Emstev: behave in a sickening couply siamese twin way whilst in public places. In detail, a couple in a relationship become very close and become inseperable. This duo usually consists of a Steve and someone along the lines of Janice or Emma, when eventually the names join. They consist of joint opinions and also a routine, which must not be interfered with. A cup of tea or toilet trip cannot be made without the other parnter being consulted first about the events. The Emstev was created in Cornwall, when the two culprits slept, ate, walked, shopped and came up with the same ideas together and never left each others side.
Naming an Emsteve. Simply take the 2 contributors names and shorten one slightly (usually the female and join them together)...e.g. Emma and Steve = Emstev
Janice and Steve = jamstev

Common Phrases - "Oh dear, they're 'emstevein' again"
"Your as tight as an 'emsteve'"
by Fozzie and co. February 22, 2005
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