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Empire Records was made in the late 90's. Starring Liv Tyler and Renee Zellwegger (now both high payed actresses) It is about a record store that grows on everyone. The main story in the movie is being able to keep the store. In the end - I'm not giving it away.
hey, look - Empire Records is on - let's bake some magic brownies.
by mizinternational May 12, 2004
My absolute fave movie ever, one you can watch over and over in a row. the people you want to work with and the place you want to work at. If you haven't seen it you are seriously missing out.
Lucas:I think it'll be alright, Joe.
Joe:What makes you think that?
Lucas:Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear!
by Luli May 04, 2005
THe best movie ever made. WIth Ethan Embery as Mark.
ME:Let's go open a record store!

YOU: Yeah, it will be cool just like Empire Records!
by Sylvi* April 16, 2004
1. Excrement.

2. The act or an instance of defecating.

3. Diarrhea.

4. 1. Something considered disgusting, of poor quality, foolish, or otherwise totally unacceptable. 2. A mean or contemptible person.

5. A narcotic or intoxicant, such as marijuana or heroin.

6. Things; items.

7. Foolish, deceiftul, or boastful language.

8. Insolent talk or behavior.

9. Trouble or difficulty.

10. A small or worthless amount: He doesn't know shit.
man, i'd rather watch Small Soldiers than Empire Records
by bombernam December 23, 2005
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