Word meaning "cool". Started on the east coast of England. You heard it here first.
"That t-shirt is just so empire!"
by Helle April 08, 2005
other word for the evil ruling chiefs of Composite Squadron 6 Platoon A
No matter how hard we fight, "the empire" always take our ass
by Pedro Orta November 05, 2007

mostly used to describe a piece of art work or music.

(see burner)



Digital and traditional Urban art and design studio created and founded by music artist Sayonara Skye in the U.S.
wow, come check out this print over here, thats empire yo.

that show last night was empire
by skyetronics October 12, 2009
A type of nation with the sole objective of absolute world domination.
There have been at least 3 major empires in ancient history : the Holy Roman Empire, the British Empire, and the still-existent Chinese Empire. What all empires have in common is that they have all fallen due to various instances, be it civil wars and outbreaks, or even acts of God.

Popular belief is that America is an empire. Although this is very controversial, this is mostly untrue. The reason we have bases overseas is because they asked us to be there. America doesn't force people to become american. America also doesn't force christianity. Those who become american or christianic do so out of their own free will.

A major element of an imperial military is that the very basis of its power is based on mass numbers of infantry (aka : manpower). China is a very good example of its manpower because it has the biggest population in the world, and they still have the draft instituted (after hitting a certain age you are required to join the military, which I guess doesn't make it a "draft"). Also, it has been sighted that, for example, they have all these nice'n'neat military parades every month or so, or earlier. China has also been said to still boast the dream of world domination, as it has in millenia past. It is even a religious theory that they WILL one day rule the world. Well, with an ultra-massive manpower and a powerful nuclear arsenal, it could very well happen. Technology VS Manpower......what do YOU think will turn up the victor?

So now that you have a, uh, great definition of this word, you may want to reconsider your thoughts on America being an empire after all. ^_~
"Although the Empire in Star Wars is ficticious, it is a very good example of an empire, y'know with all those stormtroopers all up in a nice line in one of the docking bays, and all that stuff. PS I'm not a Star Wars geek."
by Dave January 30, 2004
He wanted an definition, so I gave him a definition, and by I, I mean Harm.
Stupid ho! Die mtoher fookar
by Kinkeh December 24, 2004

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