The study of emo culture- people, music, fashion, etcetera.
I majored in psychology and minored in emology.
by Ryan LaHiff July 23, 2007
Top Definition
The study of the Emo culture.
Usually people majoring in this field will find emo hair very attractive and have the urge to pet it.
Alex: Whoa! Look at that guy's emo hair!!
Gracie: It's so pretty! We should pet it!
Karen: *runs up and asks if we can pet his hair*
Heather: *writes down in Emology book*
by graciegarcia March 02, 2008
The study of emotional music and the losers who listen to it.

See emo
Bryant is the top scientist in the field of Emology.
(Sid is emo)
by s3poku September 17, 2004
The study of Emily Gene Taylor. Born October 2nd 1985, 2:36 pm.

see emily, em
I have a masters in emology.
Johnny is an emologist.
by em_ology March 07, 2005
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