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White evangelical Christian males, under the age of 40, who wear skinny jeans, attend Q Conferences, and think there's a 72% chance that gays are going to hell. They care a lot about poor people, from a distance. They get Seth Godin's daily email and they like to debate about atonement theology, even though they don't quite understand it. Hair is very important. They are known to create drama in the College and Young Career groups at mega-churches for breaking up with their girlfriends because "the Lord just wants me to be single for a while, so that I can really give him all the glory," and they say that they've "kissed dating goodbye." When they start dating someone else in the College and Young Career group the next week, they say, "the Lord just really laid it on my heart that I need to start courting again." Emogelicals often take online seminary classes and work as baristas.
My church is being taken over by Emogelicals. All they want to do is mack with girls and have Bible studies about chastity.
by Teejbuddy May 28, 2010
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