One of the BEST flash games on the fucking net. Basically an old-school side-scroller with emo musicians beating the crap out of hated figures in pop culture. Ok, it's the EMO game...but it's actually a blast to play.
Where the hell did those 3 hours go? Damn you Emogame.....
by The Dude February 15, 2005
Top Definition
The name of an Internet-only game where you take control of various emo singers and journey to:

a) Stop your friends The Get-Up Kids from being screwed over (literally) by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
b) Beat Skeletor so you can score with Rose McGowan
c) Stop George Bush from using Voltron from destroying the Middle East

Features such villians as Fat Ass He-Man, John Meyer, Creed, Dave Matthews, Weezer (complete with army of Japanese schoolgirls), Adolf Hitler, an army of dwarves, Jimmy Eat World, Fred Durst, Enron executives, Hulk Hogan, Steven Tyler (as an Alien Queen), and Barbara Bush.

ALso introduced the concept that all emo bands have ovaries, and that every third album an emo band releases is utter crap.
What are you waiting for? Go to Emogame.com right now and play the game!
by crazyrabbits May 10, 2005
a game with a bunch of emo band members that go on adventures to kill steven tyler and enrique iglasias and friends.
if you play the george bush one, you actually can learn a lot too.
i wasted a weekend of my life on the emo game =]
by x CHELSO x August 22, 2006
A hilarious game and fun too. They have liike all the best bands out now in it.
I beat emo game last night and now i will never watch friends or enrique iglesias EVER again.
by sic transit February 20, 2005
A kick ass website/game.
I killed puddle of mud AND Fred durst on emo game.
by simelion January 29, 2005
When someone scratches the top of your hand and say's the alphabet , until Z and then at the end whoever has the biggest scar win's
(Said while Suzie is scratching Stephi's hand)

Stephanie and Suzie are over there playing the emo game , let's go join them !
by Stephi Giles September 10, 2007
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