see also FAG, or QUEER.. or complainy, whiney bitch with no genitallia.

the personality of an emo queer *caugh* i mean kid, usually consists of claiming to cut yourself, but not actually doing it because your pansy ass is too afraid to. and if they come close, they scratch thier wrists with a paper clip, for attention. also, they have to complain about... well, everything! especially how much they hate thier parents, (which is bullshit) because what kind of spoiled, rotten, bitch ass guy hates their parents who buy thier rediculously tight pants for them? none of them! not to mention they have to complain aaalllll about how thier gf/bf broke thier little emo heart.

cry me a fucking river. get over it. shit happens.

and whats more with the complaining and whiney bitchetry <----(hey look a new word! bitchetry!) they are all so upset that they are so rich and have it off so well ususally, that they have to go and say OMG MY LIFE IS HOORRIIBLLE!! I DONT HAVE A NEW DODGE VIPER!! I CANT WHIPE MY ASS WITH SILK!!!

boo fucking hoo.

fuck emo kids.
emo kids: omg i bought some new tight pants today

normal dude: man. that must mean you really dont have any balls, seeing as how that should usually crush a guys genitallia if they have any

emo boy: MY MOM WOULDNT BUY ME A NEW CAR!!??! WHY DO YOU HATE ME!!!!!! AAAAHHH!! *runs home to rich ass family and eats lobster*
by tap3w0rm April 11, 2006
Goths that are too chicken to actually kill themselves so they just whine about how they want to.
check out those emo kids trying to slit their wrists with a plastic butter knife
by Maggie Miller October 03, 2005
1.Gay guys who like girls.
2.Those faggots that look act, and dress like girls, yet are justguys who hate their parents.
3.Straight dudes who make out with dudes.
see also-wrist slitting
Jerry is such an faggot, he wears make up and his sisters pants. He is one of those fucking emo kids.
by TheFloatingFetus September 13, 2005
People that listen to the worst music in the world and are really stupid. They all say they're straight-edge, and they don't know that say that is really fucking stupid. They cry all the time and have lame pansy-ass mosh pits. The boys wear eyeliner and girl pants ans die their hair black. They put x's around their names (i.e. XxsarahxX) and the bands have stupid names (i.e. Black Love, Your Tears Shattered My Heart). Emo kids cut themselves, but should do it to the point that they all die because I hate them. ALL OF THEM are unique.
1. My sister is an emo kid.

2. The guitarist of My Chemical Romance, a horrible emo band, has stickers that say "PANSY" on his guitar.

3. Emo kids are fucking stupid and should all die.
by George Harrison August 05, 2005
Somebody who may suffer from depression, likes punk,screamo,alternative, or any other genre they feel like listening too of music, cause that doesn't define them, and is antisocial or asocial with their small group of friends, and lives on the Internet. Occasionally the emo kid will watch anime, and listen to vocaloids. The Emo kid is basically an average person and sometimes adones a specific hairstyle.
Person: Why are you such an emo kid?
Me: Why do you care about what or who I am, I mean, why are your shoes red? Why do you ask stupid questions of random strangers?
by NotAllEmoKidsAreCutters May 30, 2015

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