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Emo kids: Whinny People in whom love to listen to emo music(music dealling with crying sad emotional feelings and such). Also they usually don't know how to smile, spend $30 a week and eyeliner and crappy clothes that their parents(that they hate soooo much) pay for. (bfor guys) they have lost their genitalia and decided to become an incestrial gay person(stereo type derived from the dinger of MCR). (girls) They think that emo is cool, mainly do it for the popularity whihc they claim they are against, usually never cut, but act like they will for the attention; they almost always wear ties(for who knows what reason, and they love to listen to crappy music.
MCR, a group of whiny untallented little pricks who are all homosexual. The lead singer of MCR made out with his BROTHER.

Emo kids: I hate my life because I lost my awesome wrist band that said "Love is gone, So I might as well leave". Now I think I must slit my wrists across.
Stupid girl: Awww don't do that I'll love you.
Emo kids:*to himself* so acting like im going to kill myself does work...
by Stephen Henkel November 29, 2005
There are two varieties of Emo Kids:

1. Common "Emo" Kid
Listens to a crappy music ripoff genere called Emo, has no genitiles, writes the suckiest poetry, cuts themselves over moronic things, cries in dark corners, and have no sense of self Value and is generally goth-like. But goths are better than these scumbags.

2. Rarer Emo Kid
This is the kind that was INTENDED. Usually wears black, but is pretty nice in general. Still listens to crappy music though.

Two types of emo kids

Common "Emo" Kid: Gawd life sucks, like the most eternal abyss in hell, like my lost love of my life, my blood, and my soul. *Cries like a fucking baby and cuts self* I will now listen to dashboard confessional since it is the only thing that understands my pain...

Rarer Emo Kid: *listens to dashboard confessional and walks on*
by Anaria1000 September 23, 2005
1)Kids who need to end themselves, hell I'll go to Home Depot and buy the rope myself
1)Hey I like emo, please kill me
by Bryan123 July 06, 2005
Sad creatures of the dark. These kids hate sun light and for them it's illegal to be happy or ever smile. They are usually seen wearing clothing of their favorite bands (lots of black) and will most likely have dyed hair (mainly black or sometimes colorful streaks). They're mainly found in groups of other emo kids writing music, lyrics, or poems about their sad lives that they can't go on living.
Wow, those kids over in the shadows look sad for no reason...they must be emo kids...
by Tacy tay June 22, 2005
emo kids are the kids who think their lives are sooo incredibly bad becuase the kid they went out with for a week online broke up with them so go and cut their wrists with whatever slightly pointed object they can find. Emo kids listen to the bands(on mtv the mainstream stationg the claim to despise so much) that sound like the backstreet boys mixed with simple plan (both pop groups) these kids wear heavy black clothing when its hot as shit outside they pretend to be really hardcore when in fact they have it made and the only reason they are into it isbecause it is the "in" thing. they claim the hate rap yet when they are just so convientely listening to a pop radio station becuase fallout boy was on it and a gangster song comes on the mouth every word to it.
"emo"kid:omg i have to go sit in a dark room alone with a knife and pretend my arm is bread and slice it up!
normal kid:umm why
"emo" kid:becuase the guy i liked and never told that i liked him is going out with this girl and he completely broke my heart i have no reason to live any more im going to go and listen to something corporate becuase they are the only ones who know what im going through i have to go and cut myself now!!
by hardcore my ass July 28, 2005
1) The only people who would give the defenitions of emology and emologist thumbs down, because they know its true and they're ashamed.

2) A reason to bring two completely different people together to beat ass.
1) emology: (n) The study of emotional music and the losers who listen to it.

9 thumbs up, 1 thumb down

2) Gangster: emo sucks, dawg.
Metalhead: damn right motha fucker, lets whoop their asses.
by Emologist February 08, 2005
see also FAG, or QUEER.. or complainy, whiney bitch with no genitallia.

the personality of an emo queer *caugh* i mean kid, usually consists of claiming to cut yourself, but not actually doing it because your pansy ass is too afraid to. and if they come close, they scratch thier wrists with a paper clip, for attention. also, they have to complain about... well, everything! especially how much they hate thier parents, (which is bullshit) because what kind of spoiled, rotten, bitch ass guy hates their parents who buy thier rediculously tight pants for them? none of them! not to mention they have to complain aaalllll about how thier gf/bf broke thier little emo heart.

cry me a fucking river. get over it. shit happens.

and whats more with the complaining and whiney bitchetry <----(hey look a new word! bitchetry!) they are all so upset that they are so rich and have it off so well ususally, that they have to go and say OMG MY LIFE IS HOORRIIBLLE!! I DONT HAVE A NEW DODGE VIPER!! I CANT WHIPE MY ASS WITH SILK!!!

boo fucking hoo.

fuck emo kids.
emo kids: omg i bought some new tight pants today

normal dude: man. that must mean you really dont have any balls, seeing as how that should usually crush a guys genitallia if they have any

emo boy: MY MOM WOULDNT BUY ME A NEW CAR!!??! WHY DO YOU HATE ME!!!!!! AAAAHHH!! *runs home to rich ass family and eats lobster*
by tap3w0rm April 11, 2006