A kid who claims to be in touch with his emotions but is only in touch with one: misery. They all act depressed, tend to wear glasses with no lenses, and claim that nobody understands them. Of course we understand you, your a wuss, there you go.
"I cry myself to sleep at n-"
<swift punch to the face>
by Baxter Bones September 20, 2003
an annoying boy or girl that spends their time complaining about the world they live in saying that "nobody understands them" and that "they aren't accepted"
An emo kid listens to emo music suck as Coheed and Cambria, or Fall out Boy, etc.
An emo's characteristics:
Thick rimmed square black glassses
tight pants
stud belt
emo kid- my life sucks man. I hate it. nobody understands me! i'm going to go self mutilate now. *tears*
Other emo kid- Dude! i feel your pain. here are some tissues. make sure you clean the blade when ur done. Nobody wants blood all over the place now do they?
by mypinkninja December 23, 2005
Gay Kid, and not gay as in touches boys, because that is a personal preference and of no objection to any open minded person, gay as in a whiny ass little bitch who wants to be recognized for wearing his moms pants and makeup.
emo kid is the douchebag who thinks hes different because he has now conformed to modern pop culture, you know him, and you know you want to kick his ass
by jer10 December 11, 2005
an emo kid is an emotional kid who feels the world hates them. they are often compared to goth though not at all the same thing. emo's are the kids who wright sucide notes and slit their wrist. they will not come out and say their emo if they do they are poser the emo kid is the depressed kid that says they don't need help...wears little sisters pants and thinks they look good
that emo kid over there looks good in his tight jeans!
by william-joe December 04, 2005
Kids who convince themselves that life is horrible. Often, they will cut themselves AND draw on bruises to make it look like NOT ONLY did they cut themselves but daddy beat them, when in reality they're spending his money on all the emo clothes and the studded belt. They turned the studded belt, which used to be in the domain of metal, into almost an embarrassment. often just want attention and sex.
As a funny after thought, there used to be no emo kids, just "Emo" as an insult from Hardcore kids. Not to be confused with punk or hardcore.
There are two types of emo kids: Dark and Bright
Dark emo kids often have really dark clothing, really dark eyes, and don't talk a lot. They are truly anti-social, might be quite content not having friends, and are truly introverted. Don't try to befriend them, you'll fail miserably.
Bright emo kids are the most poseur kids ever. Generally, they have great lives in giant suburban homes and are incredibly social, but use the emo movement as a ruse to get attention. They love to complain about every little thing that's wrong with them, and if you try to socialize with them and you're not another bright emo kid, you will instantly be inundated with bullshit. Generally, they tend to be of the more popular kind, and are the females of this type can grow to be quite annoying, and the men can grow to be quite frustrating as you try to convince them that their lives don't suck.
Damn, look at Kate! The year's almost over and she still hasn't a single friend!
Bright emo kid: *cry* will you listen to my poem? I wrote it last night after my dad beat me. *cry*
Me: No. Can I see your arm? *rubs off ink* your dad didn't beat you.
Bright emo kid (in frustration): Ow, that hurt! That's a bruise! *cry*
Me: No it isn't. I just wiped it off. *Makes angry faic* Don't lie to me man.
by The Ghoul September 10, 2005
those weirdos who are usually try hard fakes. think my chemical romance is punk, and super awesome. THIS IS WRONG! was started by people who are bordering on goth, but dont want to fall into that catergory, so they made up their own catergory (emo) to make themselves feel like they are ultra individual. often skinny, like to think they can play instruments. listen to whiny songs.
"woah, hear how whiny that song is? i like it. yay now im officially emo! "
by katie35464 July 04, 2005
how many emo kids does it take to change a light bulb?
none, they just sit in the dark and cry about it, possibly writing a 'poem to music' about it.
what more is there to say?
'no one understands me, lets all be unique together'
by carse January 30, 2005

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