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People who think the film "Donnie Darko" is philosophical genius. Many also believe Blink 182 to be the best band ever 'cause their "lyrics" mean something... They are posers, wanabees and do not understand what a good lyric is. They mirror everyone around them and have no sense of who they truly are.
Emo Kid: Hey man wanna check out my vintage clothes?

Fellow Emo Kid: Yeh man. Where did you buy them?

Emo Kid: Hot Topic.
by silent shout August 04, 2006
One who walks around moping with a pouty face. Usually expresses him/herself 'artistically' by writing depressing 'emo' songs, writing depressing 'emo' poetry, or drawing depressing 'emo' pictures. usually has a notebook and/or guitar with him/her at all times.

male forms usually have long hair that covers about 3/4 of their face and attracts a lot of the ladies. they wear t-shirts from hot topic with such depressing artists as kurt cobain and pablo picasso on them. male forms may also have different girlfriends for different days of the week, as they believe that the more broken relationships they have, the more bad whiny ideas they have for their emo art.

female forms usually have emo kid glasses. they wear dark clothes and are (generally, but not always) self mutilators. they like to whine about how their mom abuses them and they live in a broken home. often, they also date different people of the week for inspiration. emo females are not as common as emo males.

if you ever see an emo kid, watch out. not only are they dangerous to your mental health, but if you get too close to them, they are likely to base some of their emo depressing art on you.
"oh my god, i can't believe you broke up with george! he's such an emo kid, he's probably going to carry his guitar with him for the next week!"
by omgzlykewhoa April 30, 2005
Okay, well, this is getting really annoying. But I'll explain this crap anyhow...

Emo Kids: Melodramatic kids who: wear black regardless if it's summer; cut themselves; put too much eye makeup; have choppy haircuts (that make them look like they haven't brushed their hair their whole lives).

Music: Listen to bands who sound like they're tigers about to feast on a Thanksgiving meal. But they're actually screaming about how "terrible" their lives are and how their hearts are "broken" and they cannot find another girl/boy in their lives ever again. Example: Brokencyde, Bullet For My Valentine (an example for an "emo" band name), etc.

Looks: Shop at Hot Topic. "Emo" kids wear usually all black clothes. Their shoes have either skulls on it, or it's a walking diary. Boys usually wear eyeliner and have black nail polish. I find that weird.
Girls have raccoon looking eye-makeup and hair that looks like they haven't brushed it for days. Also, girls usually dye their hair an abnormal color so people may make fun of them more. Boys AND girls must wear skinny jeans regardless the season.

Personality: "No one understands me. People make fun of me at school just because I'm different. Ughh....I just want to die." That explains a LOT.

Sexuality: Both sexes are usually bisexual. And the boys aren't afraid to show it...
regular boy: hey, are you wearing girl jeans?
emo boy: -closes eyes while listening to screaming- yes.
regular boy: ....that's pretty weird. are you gay?
emo boy: don't. talk. to. me. -sighs- you just don't understand...

Emo Kids
by Hazel-yyy July 22, 2009
a person who likes to feel depressed about themselves and may decide to "cut" to get rid of their pain...
If someone with a big mustache is being made fun off like being called the pringles man...me may go and cut himself...That is an emo kid, B*n Rffrty
by Picante May 02, 2006
STEREOTYPE EMO: they hate their lives and have an attitude of "i hate you. i hate me, everyone hates me, i hate this world" they listen to dark music and are a imiation of goth. a well known saying is: "cheer up emo kid" usually bi, or homo

across the street not down the down (refers to slitting your wrists)
Emo kid: fuck you bitch
Girl: aw ur so cute
Emo kid: yeah whatever. i hate you
Girl: aww u need a hug
Emo kid: *cries softly*
by LiEkOmGThiSsiteIsSoGAy February 27, 2006
A kid who seems depressed or upset, but really has a misunderstanding on life. They usually wear lots of make-up and black clothes/hair. They sometimes cut themselves on wrists or forearms, but most people that do that in fact aren't emo, they just suffer from depression.
Emo kid: I hate my life, everyone is just out to make it miserable for me.

guy: man-up you little pussy

Emo kid: You just don't understand me you asshole.
by Shayne Andersen January 14, 2006
I'm a emo kid, non conforming as can be,
you'd be non conforming too if you looked just like me.
Nail polish on my toes and makeup on my face,
I'm almost emo enough to start shaving my legs.
my parents think I'm gay cuz I dress in drag,
I call it freedom of expression they just call me a FAG!
Sulking and writing poetry are my hobbies,
I cant get through a Hathorne Hights album without sobbing.
I'm dark, depressed, with low self-esteem,
the way I dress makes every day seem like Halloween.

I get depressed, cut my wrists in every direction,
songs about getting dumped gives me an erection.
I have no real problems but I like to make believe,
I stole my sister's mascara now I'm grounded for a week!
Girls keep breaking up with me, it's never any fun,
they say they alredy have a pussy they dont need another 1.

I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses,
I tell my friends I bleed black and I cry during classes.
I'm just a fag, a cheep imitation of goth,
I read catcher in the rye, and watch me jack-off.
I cut my wrists and cry about hating my life,
If I said I like girls, I'd only be half right.

I dont jump around when I go to shows.
I must be emo
- lyrics to the emo kid song
by ganja_11 December 22, 2005