Emo kids are mentally ill people who are always depressed, feel rejected or hated.

Usually they have the appearance as a goth only more depressed and tipped over. Some emos get so upset with their live they will inflict pain on themselves such as using Exacto blades to cut themselves with. This is usually the first sign that the life they have is dangerous.

Emos are generally idiots in my opinion, because they never look at the bright side of things and always push downwards and listen to depressing stressful music instead of nice classical or something other than "IM GUNNA FUKKIN DIE IF I DUNT SEE MAH LIFE GOING OVER WITH THE DEMONS OF SHIT!!! ROOOOAARRRRRR"
Emo kids are fucked, they need to stop buying modelling knives and start having fun, Besides drugs.

by infohelperr1 December 18, 2007
Those youngsters cruisin' around the ville...HUGE fans of Ron Popeil and his Rotisserie mayhem. Always wearing lab coats hadlin' turkey basters.
Emo kids: "Damn, I love Ron Popeil..."
E'rrybady else: "Oh yeah, he makes the best rotisserie chicken ever."
by Babs Maloney November 06, 2007
Someone who usually listens to bands like, Thursday, Juliana Theory, Saosin.. etc.. And is usually sporting a mop-top and usually wears a band shirt.
Nathan from the band, Finch
by Kat December 14, 2003
a person who pretends to have actual problems just to sing about and complain but really doesnt have any problems. charactoristics of an emo:
-males wear their sister's mascara and jeans
-cut their wrists to "let out all their troubles and emotions"
-will stay in their rooms for HOURs doing nothing but listening to my chemical romance and hawthrone heights, crying and pondering the exitence of humans
-their girls look like dudes with their short hair,,, and their guys look like girls with their long, side parted hair.
- you'll almost never see an emo with out their ipod
-almost all who claim to be emos aren't and all who dont even talk to u except for complaining are.....
emo kid = are cutters and have No LIFE!!!
by Taylor June 19, 2006
an emo is sum one who is in touch with their emotions people think that all emos slit their rists but most dont
and the ones that show it off are doing it for a cry for help or are posers people who are emo because they think its cool a real emo is an emo because they are emo. real emos arnt all depressing or hate life they are ussualy all right people. emos ussualy dont admit to being emo but dont deniy it. they dont go to hot topic for all their clothes but dont deniy shoping their. they are rebelious ecause they belive about wat they are rebeling against. emos all hav their own fashion and dont care wat other people say. people who say thing like emos slit them self are sum chav or jock following the crowd and dont know an emo personaly.
non emo kid: u slit your rists

emo kid: wat makes u think that

non emo kid: because u r emo

emo kid: shut the fuk up

non emo kid: shut up or i'll bang ya

emo kid: fuk u (then the non emo kid realises he is getting his head kicked in)
by *dec* May 31, 2006
a person who likes to feel depressed about themselves and may decide to "cut" to get rid of their pain...
If someone with a big mustache is being made fun off like being called the pringles man...me may go and cut himself...That is an emo kid, B*n Rffrty
by Picante May 02, 2006
Someone I want to punch in the face!!!!!
Dammit, where'd I put my The Used album (essential for every emo kid)........WHAM!
by Akhmed April 04, 2006

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