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This is what happens when you cross a goth with a yuppie. Simultaneously angst-ridden and narcissistic, this currently describes all the hip, popular, "cool" teenagers who ironically think they're outcasts.

Emo kids don't reject pop culture, they ARE pop culture.
Emo kids are about as creative and original as a wood plank.
by Amall May 30, 2005
a whiny brooding person that listens to shitty music and spends all their time whining about life.
"Sarah, don't be such a fucking emo kid"
by Kitty July 30, 2004
Emo Kids are just people who are full of feeling.
All that cutting shit and crying over a lot of nothing and being sad and depressed all the time, that's bullshit. Those are scene kids.
True emo kids are ppl who have deep feelings and choose to show them. Its got nothing to do with standing out or fitting in. They just choose to show what most hide deep inside.
NO! not all emos dress in all black. We have our own since of style.
NOT how real emo kids act!:
emo kid : Ugh. My boyfriend just broke up with me. I think I'm gonna go cut. I'm so depressed.

emo kid 1:...well, he broke up with me for some other girl. It hurts, it really does.
emo kid 2: Sorry to hear it. Wanna come play some video games to get your mind off it.
emo kid 1: sure. I'll be right over.
emo kid 2: Shweet see ya in a little.
by Lori A April 08, 2007
Emo kids TRY to be unique, but are a uniform society. They all look the same, they sound the same, they dress the same, they listen to the same music. It's a homogeneous blend, if you will, of stupid teenagers attempting to be unique while falling into the very stereotypes they are trying to rebel from.
"I'm so unique...Look at my hair, my glasses, my girl pants. Everything about me is so unique that coicidentally every person within this cliche is identical to me. I'm so depressed" - Emo kid
by Matthew Hou November 06, 2005
Emo kids are just teh new group who are following teh nwe trend. Sure not all of them are perma-depressed, but it does get to me how they can't let go of past romances. just how rap only talks about bitches, emo only talks about how miserable they all are about past relationships. some wallow in misery for attention. others might actually mean it. they wear their girl-friends' clothes and actually seem to model themselves after women.emo music is ok, i just dont really support or condone it.
Emo kids will fade away, just like rap will.
by Fat_nerd April 09, 2005
Emo kids are mentally ill people who are always depressed, feel rejected or hated.

Usually they have the appearance as a goth only more depressed and tipped over. Some emos get so upset with their live they will inflict pain on themselves such as using Exacto blades to cut themselves with. This is usually the first sign that the life they have is dangerous.

Emos are generally idiots in my opinion, because they never look at the bright side of things and always push downwards and listen to depressing stressful music instead of nice classical or something other than "IM GUNNA FUKKIN DIE IF I DUNT SEE MAH LIFE GOING OVER WITH THE DEMONS OF SHIT!!! ROOOOAARRRRRR"
Emo kids are fucked, they need to stop buying modelling knives and start having fun, Besides drugs.

by infohelperr1 December 18, 2007
Those youngsters cruisin' around the ville...HUGE fans of Ron Popeil and his Rotisserie mayhem. Always wearing lab coats hadlin' turkey basters.
Emo kids: "Damn, I love Ron Popeil..."
E'rrybady else: "Oh yeah, he makes the best rotisserie chicken ever."
by Babs Maloney November 06, 2007