This is what happens when you cross a goth with a yuppie. Simultaneously angst-ridden and narcissistic, this currently describes all the hip, popular, "cool" teenagers who ironically think they're outcasts.

Emo kids don't reject pop culture, they ARE pop culture.
Emo kids are about as creative and original as a wood plank.
by Amall May 30, 2005
Annoying adolescents and/or teenagers who insist they are "depressed" but in reality, just want attention. They usually tend to listen to music that involves skinny guys whining and "screaming" about things that supposedly have deep meaning. The drummers of these bands often try to look cool by using a double bass pedle (stop kidding yourselves, you suck). They tend to make fun of any other genre of rock music and only like bands (especially underground ones) until they become popular. Once they're popular "they suck".
They can't admit that they bought an article of clothing in hot topic b/c that would make them a "poseur". <Newsflash: you're a poseur if you shop there and THEN do not admit that you do.>
They also mosh like pussies. If you're going to go into a pit, fucking stop swinging and actually mosh or else you WILL get knocked the fuck down.
Simply put, they just need to stop crying and actually try to see all the great things that they DO have in their lives, instead of whining about that girl who dumped them in 7th grade.
All the little emo kids I hang out w/ are so annoying. All I ever hear them talk about is how great a new band is that no one has ever heard of.. by next week everyone will know all of that band's songs by heart and then no one will like them a week after that.
by Minion March 28, 2004
a whiny brooding person that listens to shitty music and spends all their time whining about life.
"Sarah, don't be such a fucking emo kid"
by Kitty July 30, 2004
People who think the film "Donnie Darko" is philosophical genius. Many also believe Blink 182 to be the best band ever 'cause their "lyrics" mean something... They are posers, wanabees and do not understand what a good lyric is. They mirror everyone around them and have no sense of who they truly are.
Emo Kid: Hey man wanna check out my vintage clothes?

Fellow Emo Kid: Yeh man. Where did you buy them?

Emo Kid: Hot Topic.
by silent shout August 04, 2006
Emo kids TRY to be unique, but are a uniform society. They all look the same, they sound the same, they dress the same, they listen to the same music. It's a homogeneous blend, if you will, of stupid teenagers attempting to be unique while falling into the very stereotypes they are trying to rebel from.
"I'm so unique...Look at my hair, my glasses, my girl pants. Everything about me is so unique that coicidentally every person within this cliche is identical to me. I'm so depressed" - Emo kid
by Matthew Hou November 06, 2005
One who walks around moping with a pouty face. Usually expresses him/herself 'artistically' by writing depressing 'emo' songs, writing depressing 'emo' poetry, or drawing depressing 'emo' pictures. usually has a notebook and/or guitar with him/her at all times.

male forms usually have long hair that covers about 3/4 of their face and attracts a lot of the ladies. they wear t-shirts from hot topic with such depressing artists as kurt cobain and pablo picasso on them. male forms may also have different girlfriends for different days of the week, as they believe that the more broken relationships they have, the more bad whiny ideas they have for their emo art.

female forms usually have emo kid glasses. they wear dark clothes and are (generally, but not always) self mutilators. they like to whine about how their mom abuses them and they live in a broken home. often, they also date different people of the week for inspiration. emo females are not as common as emo males.

if you ever see an emo kid, watch out. not only are they dangerous to your mental health, but if you get too close to them, they are likely to base some of their emo depressing art on you.
"oh my god, i can't believe you broke up with george! he's such an emo kid, he's probably going to carry his guitar with him for the next week!"
by omgzlykewhoa April 30, 2005
Emo kids are just teh new group who are following teh nwe trend. Sure not all of them are perma-depressed, but it does get to me how they can't let go of past romances. just how rap only talks about bitches, emo only talks about how miserable they all are about past relationships. some wallow in misery for attention. others might actually mean it. they wear their girl-friends' clothes and actually seem to model themselves after women.emo music is ok, i just dont really support or condone it.
Emo kids will fade away, just like rap will.
by Fat_nerd April 09, 2005
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