Emo kid /// just look up queer, idiot or fag
quit yer fucking whinning you damm emo kid, yall need to be put into a war or something to straigten you out. damm
by n.bishop November 16, 2006
an angsty teenager who is lightly depressed and bored that seeks attention by becoming emo or scene.

their subculture can easily be summed up as:
diet punk + diet goth = emo
an emo kid is usually seen wearing: dyed black hair in a style that usually covers one eye or 1/4 of the face, tight emo band t-shirt, tight jeans, converse or old school vans, thick eyeliner, a lip ring, thick dorky glasses weather they need them or not, scarf even when it's hot outside, jelly bracelets, ect.

their favorite activities are mostly: sulking, cutting self with a lame attempt at hiding it, writing melancholy poetry or songs, complaining, crying, being ultra sensitive and melodramatic, listening to emo music, going to emo concerts and acting like they don't want to be there, suffering from a broken heart, taking weird angled photos of themselves looking away from the camera and then posting them on their myspace profile, claiming to be original or being emo before everyone else thought it was cool and became emo themselves, hates their so-called boring lives, claiming no one understands them, ect.

by Zoë [Strange Anti-Social] September 16, 2006
An angsty teenager who feels that there is so much emotional pain that the only way to let it out is to take a razor or butterknife to their wrist, in hopes that people who don't know them are to notice and possibly feel a bit of sympathy. Emo kids are often characterized by black eye-liner or scars on wrists and arms.
More so, they feel that they have a creative side, and attempt to write deep, thoughtful lyrics about scenarios that have absolutely nothing to do with their real life sitiutation. Most often; these lyrics are strongly inspired by other hollow, apathetic nobodies trying to fit into the same "scene" as themselves.
In personal oppinion, if somebody is emotional, they have no need to try to act or dress a certain why to show that they are.
Emo Max and roughly ninetyseven percent of the kids on myspace could be labelled as an Emo Kid.
I myself am a emo kid and this is what I think...
All the people that diss them should take a look at their own lifes and are just jealous because we can spell.
I myself do not cut or whine or listen to morbidly depressing music i listen to emotional music.
I dont shop at hot topic, much.., but thats better than all you anti-emos shopping at nike and soccerworld.
I think emos are emos because they are not afraid to express themselves and there emotions and y'all going to have to live with it.
you=not dude...work it out
emo kids- hey how kick ass are those decay trainers,
chav- i prefer diadora
by panic! at the disco rox my sox April 12, 2006
An emo kid is someone who, because of his or her poor self-image, feels the need to segregate himself from the bulk of the society. By presenting a ridiculously exaggerated appearance of individuality, the emo kid bolsters his ego-centricity, thereby masking a sense of alienation behind the mirage-like appearance of self-solidarity.

Emo kids, who are sometimes referred to as "whining children", derive their sense of identity against that which is outside the narrow "emo" canon of thinking. They are often viewed as pests by those with a sense of self-confidence.

Identifying characteristics include badly written poetry, the perception of talent where no such talent exists, be it in self or admired "artists", a style of dress that reflects the ill-sophistication of a parrot's hierarchy, and a general lack of awareness as to how the world really works and how things actually are. Generally speaking, emo kids understand the world by comparing it to a childishly unrealistic system of ideals.
Emo kid (unisex): "Once I took 8 Tylenol and slit my wrists sideways. My parents took me to the hospital in their BMW* and the doctors sent me to a psychiatrist, but I don't take the pills he gave me because I hate the pharmaceutical industry, it's so corrupt and evil. Lets go down to Cafe Bean and write haiku on our laptops."

* The VW Jetta is also quite common in this scenario.
by Ped March 29, 2006
Someone who is better off than 99.9% of the world's population, yet is still conviced that his life sucks.
emo kid: Life sucks. There is nothing but pain. Etc...

Kid with real problems: I know. My Dad just lost his job, and now we have two weeks before we get deported back to (insert name of third world dictatorship here). I was really hoping we'd never have to go back there, since crime and warlords pretty much run the place and my whole family has bullet and knife wounds from all the times we were robbed when we lived there, not to mention the fact that there was almost never any food. Plus now when we get back we won't have any money or a house...

emo kid: leave me alone, I'm busy cutting myself
by d3d March 15, 2006
someone who used to like punk and ska and make fun of emo but then everyone turned emo so they started 're-evaluating life' and wallow in depression. does a lot of name dropping in references to band. beleives in scene points. assures you they listened to any band before you did. when you admit you listen to said band, they admit they don't listen to said band anymore because they got too popular. also quotes obscure lyrics in aim profile, hangs out on friendster, and fits into nothing but youth large or adult small, regardless of body type, and hands always go in the back pockets. carabiner key chains help too.
that kid, standing in the back, in the dark, with the big glasses, and the haircut that looks like he cut it himself... such an emo kid
by timmy r January 13, 2004

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