an emo kid is some one who wears a studded belt, tight t-shirts, tight cardigans and tight upturned jeans and sometimes trucker caps and usually square black rimmed glasses. the have an emotional outlook on life and listen to the genre of emo. this can include taking back sunday, dashboard confessional and the early november. aslo they carry a messenger bag. and have chucks to. music or the arts is there pasion in their life.
make your way down the face of evrything you know
by i want to hear you sad January 18, 2004
Emo ppl r ppl who dont fit into the mainstream.
contrary to popular belief, they dont all slit their wrists. and not all are always depressed. dont wear glasses unless they need them. they all have their own original style, and the base is any clothes that r black, stripy, checkered, random, or are band merchandise. black skinny jeans are popular, but not mandatory. other options are black skirts, 3/4 pants, short shorts with short dress. accessories are the messenger bag, has patches, pins, badges, and whatever they want to put on it, and jewlery is coloured bracelets, wrist bands, black nail polish, arm warmers, random socks or just black socks, or stocking socks, chucks, punk shoes, checkered anklets, kung-fu shoes, black sandals. hair is usualy black, with streaks or dark red in it, short at the back teased with a comb, or spiked, and tapered to long over the front, cropped fringe to the side, or long over one eye, or shaved on one side to long over the other side, or some girls have layered shoulder-length hair. dark eyeliner and mascara is totaly necessary. some have red on top of that..and white foundation, red lipstick. i go a bit diff and have pink lip-gloss, but u get the picture, u can get away with whatever if u have the format..
emo kids r creative. expressive through poetry, song-writing, art. going to shows of their fav bands, and 2 meet friends.
love music., listening to records, and on i-pods. i have CDs. i heard its not emo to have CDs, but whoever said that can kiss my emo ass, coz CDs are just another way 2 listen 2 music- which is the main part!
dont stereotype the emo kids!
Emo isnt as strict as u think, we are not all the same like u think, stereotyping is just like rumors, 99.9%bulshit.
by December 11, 2006
can be summed up simply as such: any person and or persons who are simply doing something to not conform but to rebel against conformity, but as by doing such conform to non-conformity by going out and purchasing emo clothes and doing their hair in an emo way.
another way of putting it is a toned down punk person, not rebeling against government and the system, but again pop clulture and stoicism.
an emo kid is any person and or persons who has their hair in a blown fashion usually over one eye and dyed black or blond, and occasionally has several colors in it, be it blue gold green black purple and turquoise in streaks blotches tips or roots.
and person and or persons wearing a tight shirt for their build and pants, for guys, that are made similar to the girl fashion, for girls, ride low and is accompanied in both occasions by a studded belt of white or black leather
by Zona September 06, 2006
an angsty teenager who is lightly depressed and bored that seeks attention by becoming emo or scene.

their subculture can easily be summed up as:
diet punk + diet goth = emo
an emo kid is usually seen wearing: dyed black hair in a style that usually covers one eye or 1/4 of the face, tight emo band t-shirt, tight jeans, converse or old school vans, thick eyeliner, a lip ring, thick dorky glasses weather they need them or not, scarf even when it's hot outside, jelly bracelets, ect.

their favorite activities are mostly: sulking, cutting self with a lame attempt at hiding it, writing melancholy poetry or songs, complaining, crying, being ultra sensitive and melodramatic, listening to emo music, going to emo concerts and acting like they don't want to be there, suffering from a broken heart, taking weird angled photos of themselves looking away from the camera and then posting them on their myspace profile, claiming to be original or being emo before everyone else thought it was cool and became emo themselves, hates their so-called boring lives, claiming no one understands them, ect.

by Zoë [Strange Anti-Social] September 16, 2006
There is no such thing! Like unicorns, emo kids do not exist. I know that most of you have heard this but it has to be said again. EMO IS SHORT FOR EMOTIONALLY CHARGED HARDCORE PUNK. Can you be emotionally charged hardcore punk? Hmm? Hmm? ..... Yeah. Thought so bitch. Contrary to popular belief, it does not stand for emotional. People who wear vagina pants, faded band tees & fringes aren't emo. They are called scenesters.
Scenesters are commonly mistaken for emo kids by retarded posers.
by chloe<3 September 11, 2006
To reject pop culture by doing something equally as mainstream and trendy. Makes sence hey? Apparently i am too wise to understand it. I am also loved by all women. At least i am in my neurological processes of recognition and interpretation of this life.

Mike: Ladies, lets take a moment away from talking about how successful I am to contemplate what drugs one would need to abuse in order to blur their judgment enough to dress and act like that emo kid.

Group of ladies: Who is this guy that is leaning at the shooter bar and talking to us.

Girl #1: I don't know but he is talking about your emo boyfriend.

Girl #2: Lets kick his ass! He looks like he could get his ass kicked by a girl.

Girl #3: Why has he been trolling the shooter bar all night?

Girl #4: I don't know, he does that most nights, and he is usually here alone.
by M Dogg August 16, 2006
tight shirt, studded belt, dickies, long messy hair, really doesnt cry about everything just is an emokid.they really dont care about their ex girlfriends like people may think, they may not care about anything at all, listen to good music and are mostly straight edge. they are also spacy and dont acknowledge their surroundings.
non emo kid: do u like girls?
emo kid: i think so
non emo kid: do u like men?
emo kid: i dont think so
non emo kid: you like animals
emo kid: dike
non emo kid: no u really do
emo kid: dike
non emo kid: no ur a dike
emo kid: oh nice comeback
non emo kid: yeah dike
by marcy August 05, 2004
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