An emo kid is a toatle fags who feel sorry for them selves and need to cheer the fuck up.
that dude from mcr or some emo fag is a.n emo kid
by kevindapimp May 27, 2008
A crying, weeping sand filled vagina (male or female) who thinks that their middle-upperclass life is incredibly hard and unfair. They wear their little sisters jeans and t-shirts, and fold their hair over a large portion of their face, only so they can spend all of their time flipping it OUT of their face. It is quite common for the "men" of this group to wear gay is that. They say they don't conform to anyone and that they don't follow trends, but obviously there is huge number of them already, so they are indeed conforming and they are indeed part of a trendy crowd. They are obviously quite contradictory in nature.
Emo Kid #1- dude lets cut ourselves to show the world how depressed and lonely we are. *Sniffle*

Emo Kid #2- good idea, let me just put on my sisters jeans and t-shirt and we can cut while we listen to Dashboard Confessional.
by Emo's R Ghey November 25, 2007
1)Counter-pop culture teenagers that seem depressed. They reject the mainstream pop culture in order to resist conformity, but instead become conformists of the Emo Culture in the end. They listen to depressing music with sometimes good lyrics, but that are often performed by people that have no talent in singing and playing instruments. The only way to be truly free of conformity is to live in a cave and reject anything from society. Not many are willing.

2)The Typical Emo Kid is extremely skinny lacking in muscle tone of any kind. They are very pale and often look really unhealthy, because they haven't eaten or seen the sun in a long time. They reject caring about health and focus on depressing music. Emo kids come complete with black medium long hair and women's jeans(Especially Guys). They usually style their hair by parting there too long bangs over half their face. Emo Kids often shop at thrift shops and sometimes Hot Topic. Chattanooga, TN is the Emo Capital of the World.

Emo is also considered by some as Goth's retarded gay niece.
Cheer up Emo Kid

Goth:Conformist bitch
Emo Kid: No you're a conformist bitch

Emo Quotes: My heart bleeds from the razor blade you sliced me with when you dumped my lazy ass. / Stab my eyes out with the bullets for my valentine. AHH Life is so dark
by Cavedog86 August 20, 2007
Emo kids are kids who are followers of the current largest trend, emo. Emo music can be described as sad/angery pop music. Emo kids usually cry alot and write sad poems. Emo kids are very pretentious in how they purposely act sad to fit in. Emo kids may claim to be void of everything pop-culture related, but in reality, they are the embodiment of it. You've probably all ready noticed, that you can't turn on your TV or go to a public place without seeing one. Obviously, they are very much influenced by all things popular.

You can often spot an emo kid from their ridiculously tight clothing and combed over type hair. It should be noted that emo kids like to dress like an emo no matter how inconvenient it may be. For example, the emo hair cut is made in a way that requires frequent re-adjusting. The tight clothing, also inconvenient.

Most people in society (also among the counter-culture) find emo kids to be a nuisance. As, a large majority of them come up with rude and insipid phrases such as "I hope you all rot", "No one understands me", or "My heart is so deep and black... and lonely". They are often in large groups of fellow emos, although they may claim to be outcasted and lonely. Emo kids also have a tendency to mock others, even when they take false pride in their "open-mindedness".

Also, there are many homosexual and/or bi emo kids. This is not said to be rude or mean. Alot of emo kids may claim that there are not. Yet it seems that they don't understand that much of their trends fashion comes from the gay community.

In the end, it comes down to the fact that emo kids are just following this new trend. It will die out in a couple of years, and everyone will forget about it.
Emo kids are likely the group of kids at your local high school who wear dark clothing and are sitting in a corner with their friends mocking other students who feel uneffected by insults coming from a wierd kid who crys alot.
by Zach (Thrash til fucking death) November 22, 2006
Well as far as i read, all the definition of "emo kid" were guessed it, emo kids. I personally don't care that you are "in touch with your emotions" and are "loving towards one another". I'm going to hate you because I'm a close-minded, sadistic mother fucker and I hate emos. I really hope you die.
Oh, and for those of you that put that difference between "cool" emos and "gay" emos, then preach about how you shouldn't label people, congradulations, your a hypocrite...pussies.
"Woot im an emo kid, I say Im sad and post blogs on forums telling people im sad. I have no problems in my upper-middleclass suburban life but i make shit up anyway. I love attention, and mascara. I love a good mascara."
by Sadisticity May 30, 2006
Underground of shame: a load of 17 year olds sitting around with floppy fringes, geeky glasses, tight t-shirts, tight trousers, studded belts, and trainers the size of your house, talking about how un-emo they are and how much they hate emo kids. And then all going home, writing embarrassing poetry, cutting their arms with a butter knife, calling the ambulance when they draw blood, and then crying and wishing their parents had split up so they had something to write a song about. And then shouting, 'I'M SO EMO!'
Wanker: Do you like emo?
Twat: No
Wanker: Nor do I.
Twat (on his own, playing air guitar, giving himself paper cuts and listening to Funeral For A Friend): I love being one of them emo kids, I'm so fricking emo.
Wanker: *As above*
by Dani Jeans January 06, 2006
a kid who listens to emotion laced music. often times, suicidial, but other timesnot. Boys are usually charachterized by their unkemp jet black hair and tight girls pants and very skinny body. Girls are usually charachterized by, well, the same things. emo kids, however, can look pretty much any way.
girl1- why is that boy so amazingly good looking?
girl2- ebcause hes emo
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