Okay, lets get things straight here. Emo kids are actually sometimes the coolist people around. Okay, okay. Just because I said you'd be "cool" dont brand yourself emo cus thats just stupid...
Emo kids are usually picked on, or mocked. In fact, kids who get mocked for being emo may not even be emo. Prime example, at school i have two freinds. They spend there lunchtimes singing to Panic! and MCR (badly i must say, but they are entertaining) due to this, our table at school has been branded the "emo table" oooookay. Theres no logic in that! I mean, we all like listening to rock music (thus that may be why we have our brand -emo table) but whatever!

Noooow. If you wanna find a TRUE emo kid, lets look for the common signs, no? (boys)
. Usually long hair that covers an eye. Sometimes also be spiked at the top. Usually dyed black, or can be brown. (Emo boy hair is hawt <3)
. Black eyeliner. Yep, emo boys wear eyeliner XD
. Heavy rimmed glasses, usually black. Classed as "nerd glasses
. Tight t shirts that may have a symbolic meaning. Also they usually wear a black hooded jumper with a band logo on the back
. A messenger bag with pin badges of bands up the strap
. Maybe skinny jeans designed for woman...
. Ever converse all star or vans
. Wrist bands

-Clothing is about the same for emo girls.

Right, and btw all emo kids DONT cut themselves! JEEEZ
Aw look at the emo kid. He has cute hair ^^
by TIAMOOON January 25, 2007
a kid who listens to really good music wears wat ever he or she feels like is very intune with their emotions likes to write poetry. emo kids can be drugies or straight edge
people only talk trash about emo becauz either they dont fully undersand the genre or they see stupid ppl saying there emo cauz its a fad. emo kids do not always cry and arent all ways deppresed and do not cut them selfs 24/7.im and emo kid my self and i live a pritty nomal life the only reason im differant is becauz i dont like popularity im intune with my emotions and im artistic(though so are most ppl so that one doesnt count). i listen to underground and mainstream music as long as its good music. i listen to many forms of rock including emo, hardcore,punk,and metal. although some emo kids may be prity well off that doesnt mean they dont have feelings. u dont have to be poor and have abusive parents to be depressed i hope this has taught all u loosers out there that emo is not just a stupid fad run by preps.
an emo kid may have tight or normal pants or jeans,a tight shirt converse and a messanger bag or not w/e

good emo bands include the used my chemical romance alexisonfire underoath bright eyes get up kids saves the day death cab for cutie dead poetic from autum to ashes trice thursday

good hardcore bands with emo influences atreyu, avenged sevenfold eighteen visions converge comeback kid refused
by xDEJECTEDxTRAGEDYx November 22, 2005
Usually 13-18 years of age, these courageous individuals constitute one of the few stable market segments in the current American economy. Fueled by a seemingly endless supply of their parents money (and the considerably less-endless amount they make working at the mall after school), these brave crusaders for capitalism will purchase damn near anything that's black, 80's pop culture themed, spiky, tight-fitting, or otherwise sold at Hot Topic. They're also some of the top consumers of mobile phone data plans in the nation.

Unfortunately this positive contribution to so many bottom lines makes it impractical to ship them all to a desert island until they grow out of it.
The emo kid's outfit cost $300, but somehow she still looked like shit.

I wonder if emo kids will still buy $20 t-shirts when their mom stops paying their rent?
by int3rw3bz November 27, 2009
a typical result of overwhelming teenage angst, built up anger towards "the man", or some type of abuse. Emo kids can be classified by a random grouping of hairs (usually black or bleached blonde) over one eye, lots of random chains on their clothes, and very tight jeans. They usually cut themselves and look depressed, but don't feel bad, they're really just angry and bi-curious.
Tom- "Look at the emo kid over there in the corner!"
Robby- "Yeah he's such a douche bag!"
Tom- "No kidding! I bet he's bi-curious!"
by fuck_buddy05 November 19, 2009
Contrary to all the other definitions here, they ALL listen to emo music (hawthorne heights n shit), all put on emo clothes (their little sister's jeans type, u know), they dont look for other ppl's sympathy because they 'think' they're too cool to, they all have the same hair style (florence henderson hair, but covering half face), and all feel HAPPY when they lern to put on a perfect depressed face.

So, in short, they are all clones born of a stereotype of punk kid that was usually depressed.
they say they dont do what's popular, but they became emo kids cuz its whats hot for ppl their age, and they say they will kill theirselves if they want to, but point a gun in their face n they shit in their pants and beg for mercy...
by kamon842 April 15, 2009
those stupid but hullarious to watch kids that go around in tight ass pants & stud belts &black converse & the straightened swoop bangs w/ black or verry dark hair that talk about how much they hate their lives && about killing themselves even though we know, and so do they, that they will never have teh balls to do it. oh, and they commenly wear cheap stunnas from warped tour or hottopic & they can even be cought in hollister from time to time. Basicly, theyre teh biggest fucking posers on the planet.
an example of an emo convorsation between an emo kid its a girl && her non-emo bf:
emo bitch: FUCK THIS! i hate my life! im going to kill myself!
Bf: No, baby please dont!
Emo bitch: what the fuck do you care?
BF: I love you
E.B.: Bullshit!
BF: fine bitch, whatever blows your brains out. *hangs up fone*
E.B.: *cries*

*The End*

notice how the emo bitch doesnt auctualy do anythign but cry and cuss.
by EyeFuckingHateEmoKids December 01, 2008
(negative connotation):A Robert Smith wanna-be, most of whom have probably never even heard of the Cure nor do most understand the meaning of his lyrics. Many often complain about how dark and depressing life is, living in the suburbs with mommy and daddy all the while. Also common to emo kids is a feigned interest in all things deep, dark and meaningful. Nor do most know that true emo originated in the 80's, although not by name, and NOT because it was considered to be cool.
Real emo kids don't hang out at the mall.
by ebru2 January 16, 2008

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