A horrible combination of the color brown and the worst mental condition possible. This is possibly the worst form of emo, for not only do they want to slit there wrists, they don't have enough money to buy a razor with wich they will spill there useless emo blood.

One day Juan was walking down the street. As always he was looking down at the ground, and he happened upon a penny. Without hessitation he leaped for the penny, only to accidentally nudge it just enough to send it down a nearby gutter. Upon realizing the penny was lost forever, he reached into his pocket only to find it empty, for he didn't even have enough money to buy a razor. Being unable to slit his worthless wrists, he jumped into the path of an oncoming car.

Juan, as you most likely figured out, was an emo-mexican.

I love mexicans, but not emo ones!
by Luke137 June 22, 2006
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