Ugly girls who think they're so deep and hot shit and have more emotion than the rest of us because they have SIDE BANGS.
I'm so deep and emotional, I'm such an emo girl. I love my side bangs.
by ififellx3jyl December 14, 2010
Girls that play chemical romance when their dads ground them from the internet is an emo girl
K.e.l.l.y. W.o.o.d.w.a.r.d. is and emo girl
by TONERBONER May 13, 2008
These are girls that are pale and have weird fetishes with their feet, ie all fancy shoes and try to seduce you with them, they are emotionally unstable and most are mentally damaged, they like to appear happy and bubbly but most people that are intelligent see right through their shallowness, they seem to put on american accents even if they have very thick culture accents. They have no self esteem, and are prone to a life of drugs alcohol and abortions.
emo girls are shallow
by Dr. D.G heffler March 21, 2009
Usually too skinny or too fat but can get away with such because they are emo.
"wow she's fat, check out the muffin top"
"yeah but she's an emo girl its ok"
by goofuffle July 08, 2006
girls that look like dykes and guys who are self absorb with their bubbled little rich life.... im talking so bubbled in her rich life she thinks monorities are a myth... and yet try to find something wrong with their life and think that emo boys are hot. why would emo boys care about them considering emo boys are gay they are not interested in girls anyways...
emo girls or bitches who get slaped around by Juggalette
by Loganisdbomb July 08, 2006
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