NOT ALL EMO GIRLS CUT!!!!!!!!! So what if they cut its not like it's hurting you. May be gross to you and its not a problem. An emo girl is some one who is sad and is emo for A REASON! It's because we're depressed because some one made them like that. And their not f****ts,b****s,or j*****s. Just missunderstood. For who the are,yha they like spending their time with their friends. Because the UNDERSTAND THEM! Yha all emo's are diffren't because they don't want the world as fucked up as it is! It's good to be diffrent. I do admit some can be stuck up.But let me tell you something I'm emo and I'm not stuck up. And by the way the corect term is sence! PPL these days need to get out of their little wholes. And see who their hurting here. We are people just like you! Not your little selfconfidnce boosters! People who think we cut and are b***s and j****s an need a life. Theres so much more to emo than cutting or crying or being depressed. We have hobbies we eat sleep. We have fun alot of fun,we like doing wild and crazy things! So that's the real def remeber it.
jock:Hey look at that lozer she's a emo. EMO GIRL,EMO GIRL,EMO GIRL!

girl:What's wrong with that?

jock:Hello,emo's cut your going to die!

girl:Yha and you take pills and S's to get you ready for the game.


girl:See that's the same thing you did to me. *smirks*

jock:*walks away* and starts to curse and swear.
by saddness6060 November 24, 2006
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emos are people who are free and true to themselves and don't give a flying crap what people think about them! im sick of everyone thinking that all emos slit their rists when they don't and they think we are all depressed and screwed up but we're not! its a flipping outrage! People think I worship satain and that I wanna die which is so not true. Emos are individual and unique.
You never see emo girls fighting back much because it's a waste of their time and they can go outside wearing the most bizarre and wierdest things ever and still not give a crap!
by *madison February 18, 2007
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Usually someone who feels very hurt inside. Probually someone who has gone through a relationship and got their heart broken. Usually write poetry or songs to let out their emossions. They don't have to cut but most do. They usually sit alone and may be considered an outcast.
Well this is part of a song by an emo girl

This is my life
This is my suicide
Falling apart I can see
So don't grab my hand
And pull me away
Don't tell me everything is going to be okay
Because nothing is okay
Nothing is okay
by MYmiserableLIFE July 18, 2006
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an emo girl, hmmmm. jsut like an emo boy, obviously. stereotyped as emotion most the time and the stupid thick rimmed glasses. come on! not all of them or us, which ever wear them. emo girls normally have their fringe to one side covering one eye, wear tight/ripped/fashionable trousers, band tee shirts, pearls maybe. a lip piercing too most the time. bands must include: dashboad, bright eyes, thursday... and bands that no-one has heard of. also has "complications" due to bad past relationships! erm, yeah theres deffiatly more but too much to go into with out it sounding like a diary! ps - not whores! where did that come from anyway?
"she's so emo" - and? get over it! thats how she awants to be.
by x-sac-x August 23, 2005
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an emo girl is not someone who covers half her face with her bangs nd crys 24/7,slits her wrists,or evn says shes emo. a true emo wears whatevr she wants, nd doesnt care what other ppl think about her. she knows how she feels about things she can be happy nd will show it, nd prolly listens to music that doesnt hav "die" "kill" or "sex" as evryother fuckin word. she prolly doesnt like being labeled as anything, espesially not goth. she knows who her friends are, nd she stick with them. she is a true individual that doesnt follow trends.
the girl who doesnt care what u say about her, nd doesnt follow the rules of fashion, that is an emo girl.
by carrie renee August 26, 2006
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emo girls: wear skinny jeans , die their hair sometime, use a straightener most of the time, has a emo haircut; making their hair look feathery and poofy useing a razor to cut most of their hair, like to listen to punk music like the bands like black veil brides ect, wear dark black eyeliner.

I do/am: i am emo I AM NOT a homo i dont like girls that way i find girls who do kinda weird ... i wear skinny skinny jeans i wear tight shirts with band names on them i love wearing dark black makeup, i love hanging out with my ture friends i have a emo haircut; a frinage feathery poofy haircut, i am getting my cartliage pireced i dont dye my hair but my hair is nautarl blech blonde i have long extensions, i do cut , but not all emo people do, i am a really nice girl if u get to know me i usaually dont say the first word when i met a person but i will if i like them and want to get to know them, i am 13 years old and i love who i am! some people dont and they bully me this is why i have become emo it got so bad ... remeber when u bully it may look like your not hurting them but u r..... if u dont have any thing good to say dont say anything!
look a the emo girl listening to black veil brides with her non-emo girls
by Scene/emoqueen July 22, 2011
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Girls that make sure they listen to music no-one else has heard of so they can casually bring it up in public places so people gasp and say wow that girl is so cool she knows emo bands we dont. They go on the internet and find out how they should have their hair and what clothes they should be wearing so they fit in. In the end it all comes down to the fact that it used to be you didn't fit in if you were emo, now you have to be emo to fit in or "be different" when in actual fact you're conforming to society tht doesn't know your name. You'll find that 'real' emo girls are the ones that DONT advertise the fact.
Have you noticed how emo girls think everyone hates them when really THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP
by gummy joe May 13, 2006
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