A more appropriate name for emo boy, an emo bitch is a male who lost his testicles when he hit puberty. As a result, he is girlier than any normal girl and can be seen applying excessive amounts of makeup, crying when someone steps on an "innocent" spider, and bitching for no reason what-so-ever.

Emo bitch is typically used in reference to males who can be labelled as emo rather than females because the mass of a female's metaphorical balls exceed the mass of an emo bitch's cojones.
Ordinary Dude 1: Hey, wanna go to the mall to beat up emo bitches and watch them cry?

Ordinary Dude 2: Hell yea!
by FalseLobster June 27, 2007
when a emo chick makes drama where there should'nt be any and gos on about how their lifes suck. (god thats shits annoying)
1:"Tracys being such a fuckin emo bitch"

2:"yeah, just think of the children in Darfur"

1:"....fuck Africa, i hope they fucking starve!"
by Jesse Rahl February 10, 2008
a socially awkward, depressed, yet great, person in society.

its hard to find another social figure who can rock the world yet cut her wrists in the corner.
look at that emo bitch squating in the corner.
by rippineagain May 10, 2009
an Emo bitch is anyone that refers to people that don't like/understand/care about emo music or the "scene" as f/14 or any other obscure EMO BITCH jargon that is "universally" know and understood, but is in actuallity obscure and unknown except by said EMO BITCH. see also: DOUCHE BAGS
cool dude: emo is music fags like to listen to in the dark while they cry and cut themselves.

Emo Bitch aka DOUCH BUNG HOLE: way to label people and things you don't know about, you F/14. I'm gonna go cry cause no one undersands me. Anyone have a knife?

SEE:irony you fucking idiot. labels are bad so you label people that label you right back? Here is a label: you are a fucking douche.
by Joe Blowski September 03, 2006
a pussy that writes and listens to emo music
Matt Oneil is such an emo bitch
by Kung Fu Pooie January 06, 2005
apparently a girl or guy who is highly worked up or just farfetched....
I AM an emo bitch...better watch out.
by always and nothing June 19, 2004
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