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emo is just another stereotype. It's stupid, it's uncalled for. People think that because the guys wear makeup, and nailpolish and they wear skinny jeans, and band shirts that,and their hair covers their eyes, "oh, they must be emo".Then the girls come along, and they're wearing skinny jeans, and they're bangs are covering some of their faces, with the weird black makeup and nailpolish, you think emo, and when people think of emo, they think, wrist slitting, people hating, depressed, anti-social rejects that never have any fun. But just because they look different from you AEO wearing, preppy airheaded hoes, that they have to be bastards, or bitches, or dykes or any other nasty name you can pull out of your vocabulary, they are not socially acceptable. The "preppy" people CANT under ANY circumstance be seen walking anywhere with an emo kid. It's stupid. They're people like you. Granted, they look different. Who really cares? I bet that if you were to actually try and talk to one of them, and be sincere, you'd find out that,(NO WAY!) not all of them slit their wrists(I know some preppy people who do, so that's just stupid to attach only to "emo")not all of them are depressed, and they're all alot of fun.But if you're still going to be your narrowminded preppy whore,and choose to still have a problem with everyone who dresses different, keep it to yourself.We dont want to hear it.
prep: hey whats up guy?
emo: ehh not much.
prep: theres no one at my house this weekend, why dont we grab a bunch of our friends and have a "partayy" haha.
emo: sure why not?
prep: thats awesome. see you this weekend!
emo: yeah! cant wait haha.

this conversation actually happened, 2 of my friends, one emo, one not, and see? nothing bad happened to the preppy girl. they all went to their party, a mix of emos, preps, and jocks, and none of them were "tainted" by the emo kids.
by xXWinterlandDesireXx November 25, 2007
A bunch of mamby pamby spoon-fed fuckin fruitcakes that most people wanna kick in the back of the neck.
When shopping at the mall all i saw was a bunch of fuckin emasculated suburban emo kids talking on thier cell phones.
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
Emo may refer to:

A genre of rock music
A slang term used to describe a wide range of fashion styles and attitudes somewhat affiliated with emo music

The music:
Emo is a genre of rock music. Since its inception, emo has come to describe several independent variations of music, linked loosely but with common ancestry. As such, use of the term has been the subject of much debate. At first, the term 'emo' was used to describe a subgenre of hardcore punk which originated in the Washington, DC music scene of the mid-1980s. In later years, the term 'emocore', short for 'emotional hardcore', was also used to describe the DC scene and some of the regional scenes that spawned from it. The term emo was derived from the fact that, on occasion, members of a band would become spontaneously and strongly emotional during perormances. The most recognizable names of the period included Rites of Spring, Embrace, One Last Wish, Beefeater,Gray Matter, Fire Party, and, slightly later, Moss Icon. The first wave of emo began to fade after the breakups of most of the involved bands in the early 1990s. Starting in the mid-1990s, the term 'emo' began to reflect the indie scene that followed the influenes of Fugazi, which itself was an offshoot of the first wave of emo. Bands including Sunny Day Real Estate and Teas Is The Reason put forth a more indie rock style of emo, more melodic and less chaotic in nature than its predecessor. The so-called 'indie emo' scene survived until the late 1990s, as many of the bands either disbanded or shifted to mainstream styles. As th remaining indie emo bands entered the maintream, newer bands began to emulate the more mainstream style, creating a style of music that has now earned the name 'emo' within popular culture. Whereas, even in the past, th term 'emo' was used to identify a wide variety of bands, the breadth of bands listed under today's emo is even more vast, leaving the term 'emo' as more of a loose identifier than as a specific genre of music. There were three main waves of emo music, the first involving bands like: Embrace, Rites Of Spring, Moss Icon, Nation Of Ulysses, Dag Nasty, Soulside, Shudder To Think, Fire Party, Marginal Man and Gray Matter. The second wave involved bands like: Sunny Day Real Estate, Boy's Life, Cap'n Jazz, The Promise Ring, Braid, Elliott, Bright Eyes, Cursive and The Get-Up Kids. The third wave of emo (current) involves bands like: Dashboard Confessional, AFI, Alexisonfire, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Coheed And Cambria, Death Cab For Cutie, Fall Out Boy, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, Hawthorne Heights, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Senses Fail, Something Corporate, The Starting Line, Story Of The Year, Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Used and Underoath.

My opinion is that the majority of these third-wave bands are influenced by emo, but they are not completely emo in themselves. I refuse to get into arguments with anyone over this, so don't even think about it.

The slang term:

Emo is a somewhat ambiguous, controversial slang term most frequently used to describe a fashion or subculture which is usually defined to have its roots in punk fashion and subculture, as well as some attributes of gothic fashion and subculture. By almost all current definitions, emo clothing is characterized by tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe often brushed to one side of the face, dyed black, straightened hair, tight t-shirts which often bear the names of rockbands, studded belts, belt buckles, Converse All-Stars, skate shoes, or other black shoes - often old and beaten up - and thick, black rimmed glasses.

This is NOT my opinion of what emo is, but this is the 'stereotypical emo kid', so to speak. I believe very firmly that you don't need to look exactly the same as the person mentioned above to be considered 'emo'.

When referring to a person's personality and attitude, many people think that emo people are honest about their emotions, sensitive, shy, introverted, broken-hearted, glum, and often quiet.

Some definitions of emo hold that typical emo people are likely to inflict self-injury, most often by means of cutting, burning, or otherwise mutilating themselves (well that just has BULLSHIT written all over it, doesn't it?). Emos are also stereotyped (so, therefore, not my opinion again) to use depressing Internet screen names that sometimes contain straight-edge X's, often using ironic sloganry, a poetic sense or cliché. In the years since emo music's rise in popularity, both emo music and emo subculture have attracted sometimes severe criticism. The term 'emo' itself is sometimes used pejoratively, to suggest that the target is "overly emotional." Emo in general has been characterised as a fad which will be discarded and forgotten in the near future (OK, maybe it's a fad, but it's a frickin' AWESOME one while it lasts...I <3 it).

Don't come whining to me if you disagree, 'cause I couldn't care less. I am sick and tired of hearing people say things like "Oh that's so emo" or "She's such a poser". I've had it. People can dress and act however they want, and they can listen to whatever music they want. If you still refuse to see the truth and carry on with your incredibly ignorant point of view, fine, think what you want, but you can't change us. Thank you for your patience.

We are who we are. If you have a problem with emo people, but don't have the guts to say it to our faces, I suggest you shut your mouths right now. Just remember that every time you criticise us, it won't make any difference. We're too far gone, and we never gave a damn about what you thought anyway.
by xX_nameless_seductress_Xx May 04, 2007
1. A word describing a subgenre of emotional punk rock

2. A fashion categorized by dark, tight, more feminine and slightly nerdy clothing characterized by band shirts related to definition one, tight pants, scarfs, and thick rimmed glasses and sweater vests incorporated possibly due to Rivers Cuomo's clothing style.

3. I derogatory term used by insecure guys who think that showing your emotions or having a little wetness on your face automatically makes you menstruate daily and cram tampons up your ass.
1. I was listening to Hawthorne Heights last night, and Saying Sorry is such a deep, great song.

2. Those tight pants are so emo

3. Leik ZOMG their wuz this ghey em0 fag yesterday I saw while I wuz ch0pping w00d like a burly manly man lumb3r jak and he wuz waring tite pants and yah, I am n0t gay plz don't think of me as ghey
by Kyle117 December 11, 2006
Dont Treat The EMOS bad. I Used To Hate Them Then I Realized some of them have fucked up parents who beat them and shit. have u ever thaught about what goes on at peoples houses fuck leave the emo kids alone let them listen to there music that not everyone likes the cutting part is stupid that why there are emos i hate but most of the ones i know dont. And There Hott. They Wear Tight Clothes So What. They Like black so do i. Black Hair Over One Eye. Alot Skateboard who cares if there diffrent not many stay like that there whole lifes and if u keep doing shit to them they wont have time to change.
every high school there is theres an emo person there always happy but who knows wat happens at home dont hate emos
by Mearshall November 14, 2006
One of many things people (usually high-schoolers) call themselves in order to fit in with others sharing the same "interests". Emo, punk, goth, chav, townie, gangsta, jocks, preps, all of these (and more) are words used to describe people who dress and act like others hoping to fit in.

See conformist.
Ryan had no friends because all he did was cry and moan about how bad his life was. Then Ryan turned on MTV and realized if he wore makeup and dark clothes he would fit in with a bunch of pussies who call themselves 'emo'.
by Hof August 18, 2005
Okay well i myself am emo, & im tired of you stupid ass faggots talking shit about emo scene kids. Emo is short for EMOTiONAL!! Me yes im emotional, NO im not depressed all the time,I live a happy ass motherfucking life! & Idk what all this shit is about "OMG there so whiny & annoying & they complain about everything" Bcuz thats a fucking lie, Maybe if you stupid ass fucks didnt hate & abuse emo/scene kids SO much then maybe there wouldnt be anything to complain about! I mean we have feelings you dumbfuckss! Yes, Most emo/scene kids wear skinny jeans & band t-shirts, & converses. Wristbands, have piercings, colorful beast hair... Gauged ears..Most listen to screamo & rockk any type of musicc from them categories & Theres tons of them, But most people fall into the style not knowing what it is & then later find out, Not all emo's cut themselves, I do, But not 24/7 ,SO no we are not copycats, We make it origional in our own ways, I know i doo, SO dont fuckin call me a copycat! SO there thats my definition of EMO! So fuck off you fags & get a life you lil' faggot ass fuckers always misunderstand the term "Emo."
I wish people would stop defining emo.
by Tiffani NinjaZombie September 21, 2011