in other words abbreviated for " eat me out ."
damn that nigga did me dirty he can emo!
by nannii October 24, 2008
okay...for all you haters out there...emo is not a guy/girl who wants attention. emo is not wearing skinny jeans, eyeliner, having black hair, and carrying a razor. most emos are the happiest people around. if you think emo stands for "emotional" you are somewhat right. if you think it means someone who is always depressive, you are wrong!! emo is when you can be extrememly happy and extremely sad. so for all those people who hate emos, who dont have enough courage to be themselves,who are afraid of a color (obviously black if you all make such a big deal out of it), THINK what you want. but KNOW that youre wrong.
guy-yesterday she was so happy. today shes so sad.
other guy-shes just emo.
by xxBFMVxx January 28, 2008
emo is just another stereotype. It's stupid, it's uncalled for. People think that because the guys wear makeup, and nailpolish and they wear skinny jeans, and band shirts that,and their hair covers their eyes, "oh, they must be emo".Then the girls come along, and they're wearing skinny jeans, and they're bangs are covering some of their faces, with the weird black makeup and nailpolish, you think emo, and when people think of emo, they think, wrist slitting, people hating, depressed, anti-social rejects that never have any fun. But just because they look different from you AEO wearing, preppy airheaded hoes, that they have to be bastards, or bitches, or dykes or any other nasty name you can pull out of your vocabulary, they are not socially acceptable. The "preppy" people CANT under ANY circumstance be seen walking anywhere with an emo kid. It's stupid. They're people like you. Granted, they look different. Who really cares? I bet that if you were to actually try and talk to one of them, and be sincere, you'd find out that,(NO WAY!) not all of them slit their wrists(I know some preppy people who do, so that's just stupid to attach only to "emo")not all of them are depressed, and they're all alot of fun.But if you're still going to be your narrowminded preppy whore,and choose to still have a problem with everyone who dresses different, keep it to yourself.We dont want to hear it.
prep: hey whats up guy?
emo: ehh not much.
prep: theres no one at my house this weekend, why dont we grab a bunch of our friends and have a "partayy" haha.
emo: sure why not?
prep: thats awesome. see you this weekend!
emo: yeah! cant wait haha.

this conversation actually happened, 2 of my friends, one emo, one not, and see? nothing bad happened to the preppy girl. they all went to their party, a mix of emos, preps, and jocks, and none of them were "tainted" by the emo kids.
by xXWinterlandDesireXx November 25, 2007
A bunch of mamby pamby spoon-fed fuckin fruitcakes that most people wanna kick in the back of the neck.
When shopping at the mall all i saw was a bunch of fuckin emasculated suburban emo kids talking on thier cell phones.
by Todd Everboat August 19, 2007
1. A word describing a subgenre of emotional punk rock

2. A fashion categorized by dark, tight, more feminine and slightly nerdy clothing characterized by band shirts related to definition one, tight pants, scarfs, and thick rimmed glasses and sweater vests incorporated possibly due to Rivers Cuomo's clothing style.

3. I derogatory term used by insecure guys who think that showing your emotions or having a little wetness on your face automatically makes you menstruate daily and cram tampons up your ass.
1. I was listening to Hawthorne Heights last night, and Saying Sorry is such a deep, great song.

2. Those tight pants are so emo

3. Leik ZOMG their wuz this ghey em0 fag yesterday I saw while I wuz ch0pping w00d like a burly manly man lumb3r jak and he wuz waring tite pants and yah, I am n0t gay plz don't think of me as ghey
by Kyle117 December 11, 2006
EMO - is more fashion than anything else, the fashion is mainly wearing black, jet black hair (covering half the face), lip piercings, eyeliner. Sadly emo get stereotyped to being kids who sit and cut themselves which is crap. That is NOT emo thats just a sad thing called depression (get help!) and infact many "emos" disagree with self mutalation completely. Emos are said to be moody, dark and have bleak outlooks on life but most are happy and comfortable with their own styles.

Many bands are also considered to be emo such as My Chemical Romance, From First To Last, Hawthorne Heights, 30 Seconds To Mars etc as they sing on moody and sometimes death related themes.

Last note, dont judge or stereotype "emo" people especialy if you dont know them. You wouldnt want someone to judge you.
An "emo" guy might wear - black skinny jeans, black "band name hear" t-shirt, hair in his face, eyeliner.
by "insert my name here" November 27, 2006
Okay well i myself am emo, & im tired of you stupid ass faggots talking shit about emo scene kids. Emo is short for EMOTiONAL!! Me yes im emotional, NO im not depressed all the time,I live a happy ass motherfucking life! & Idk what all this shit is about "OMG there so whiny & annoying & they complain about everything" Bcuz thats a fucking lie, Maybe if you stupid ass fucks didnt hate & abuse emo/scene kids SO much then maybe there wouldnt be anything to complain about! I mean we have feelings you dumbfuckss! Yes, Most emo/scene kids wear skinny jeans & band t-shirts, & converses. Wristbands, have piercings, colorful beast hair... Gauged ears..Most listen to screamo & rockk any type of musicc from them categories & Theres tons of them, But most people fall into the style not knowing what it is & then later find out, Not all emo's cut themselves, I do, But not 24/7 ,SO no we are not copycats, We make it origional in our own ways, I know i doo, SO dont fuckin call me a copycat! SO there thats my definition of EMO! So fuck off you fags & get a life you lil' faggot ass fuckers always misunderstand the term "Emo."
I wish people would stop defining emo.
by Tiffani NinjaZombie September 21, 2011

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