Kind of.

This is very important. I know this is a slang dictionary and unserious entries and definitions are intended, but I can't laugh at silly people making cruel fun of things that should not be anymore like I used to, and as this site gets so many visitors, I think it's a good place to make my point.
Thankyou to all who read, Wikipedia, and the few others who write similar definitions and deserve more to agree with them. Aaand thanks a great bunch to the media and all you horrid, disrespectful people out there who make up lies about such people and accept the crap they hear about them.
Here we go.

Very misunderstood and abused in recent times, the general concept of "emo" is very different to what one following the crowd may first think. A great deal of this misunderstanding is caused by the media, and perhaps certain attributes to the majority of people who consider themselves "emo" causing others to believe that this applies to the entire community.

Tracing the roots of Emo back to the 1980's makes the original Emo over 20 years old, and so in its whole it is not necessarily a 21st-century wave. Some may consider Emo to actually have multiple meanings.

I. The Music
Emo began as a genre of music. Contrary to popular belief this is not all depressing with heartbroken tones and whiny mopey lyrics. It emerged from the hardcore punk scene of the early 1980s Washington D.C.
Guy Picciotto formed the band Rites of Spring in 1984, and their music included elements such as melodic guitars, varied rhythms, and deeply personal, impassioned lyrics, as would become familiar in the later generations of Emo music. Indeed, they were often concerning matters such as nostalgia, romantic bitterness and desperation, and were often very poetic. Therefore their performances often became public emotional purges where audience members would sometimes weep.
This is the first and one of the main reasons Emo became to be thought of as a constantly depressed and pointlessly miserable scene.
One of the main reasons people write and perform music is to express their inner thoughts and feelings in a way that they enjoy and can be creative with, as keeping them bottled up inside is not always a good way to go. You get sad songs, you get happy songs. Not all dubbed-Emo music includes these wistful tones, some good few being quite upbeat and lively, more like to power pop, and including morals rather than, or perhaps as well as, thoughts from the artist's mind. There is nothing wrong with expressing sadness, desire, or any emotion or thought for that matter in your music.
The music belongs to the artist, so leave them to it. If you don't like it, fair enough. Don't make such a fuss.

II. The Fashion
Later on Emo developed into a stereotype, with a certain way of dressing accompanying the music. Generally this includes very tight jeans/drainpipes/skinny-fit jeans on males and females alike, with graphic tees, brightly-decorated black-background hooded jumpers/jackets, often studded belts, perhaps fingerless gloves, and at one point it was associated with black horn-rimmed glasses. Before this, it had a 'clean-cut' look.
Of course, this is considered by most to be a fad. Not everyone dresses like this, and if they don't, that is upt o them, and there is nothing about it worth criticising.

III. The Lies
Emo is believed to be the abbreviation of 'emotional', another reason many believe the scene is associated with Many of you will have heard of the unfortunate suicide of Hannah Bond. Personally, I think she had the idea of Emo all wrong herself.
Due to this and various other things, popular media has associated emo, wrongly, with depression, self-harm, and even suicide. This is deeply upsetting.
One who thinks of such things, is depressed, or self-harms shoudld NEVER be called 'emo'. Firstly, not everyone likes being called this. Secondly, it is an incorrect term; emo does NOT mean suicidal or self-abusing at all, as you can see. Thirdly, these people are unhappy. It may not be their fault. Life is hard. Some people DO get depressed and do or think of such things. It is very sad, very serious, and is really NOTHING to make fun of. Those who do are stupid, inconsiderate spewers of ridicule.

IV. The Warring

A more ridiculous area.

People in the scene as a stereotype in England often consider it to be 'warring' with the stereotype of chav, and some others might, either as well, or instead, think Emo to be 'allied' with the stereotypes of grebo, scene and even goth, but some of these are not necessarily set in stone at all. Goth for example has more ancient roots, has various branches and connotations, and is usually seen as a more elegant, dark, aristocratic and perhaps even older thing. Emo is usually a thing amongst teenagers, but of course not limited to this age group.
The groups might be seen as 'warring' due to the inconsideration and common stupidity or thoughtlessness of chavs. They commonly, atleast in the younger ages and around my area, misunderstand the meaning of "emo" and give no thought to those who are depressed or self-harming, using such a thing as an exuse for making stupid fun. Some say emos are dying out; This is not a literal saying, only meaning that less people seem to be following the fashion and style.
Of course, the whole metaphorical, childish 'war' is a load of senseless poppycock.
Don't get caught up in this, kaay.
It's just that chavs, from another's point of view, are common, rude, rough, and give no thought to those who are not like them. Perhaps I will write a definition on them, too, but try not to be bias...

V. The Important Things

There are some very important things to remember;
~ Not everyone who listens to "emo" music dresses according to this wave of fashion.
~ Not everyone who dresses in such a way listens to or likes "emo" music.
~ Some "emo"s DO self-harm, are depressed, or think of suicide. But not all of them. If they are like this, it is usually by other reason and not because they are associated with this stereotype. If they are doing it to 'fit in with the stereotype' or something, then they themselves are very stupid. I think. Sorry.
~ Not everyone likes being stereotyped or being called "emo".
~ "Emo" is not actually an insult. So don't use it.
~ "Emo" and 'associated stereotypes' are widely considered to be 'alternative' styles.
~ Remember the important stuff.
~ Don't hate or make fun of someone for who they are! Unless it's a horrid, thoughtless beasssst.
Correct examples.

"You look so emo in those jeans and that jacket!"

"There's this emo band I'm into, they're really sweet."

"There are a few emos in our school but most of the young ones are chav wannabees."

Incorrect uses.

"Stop whining, you sound like such an emo!"

"Haha, that emo kid probably slits his wrists all the time."

"I wish emos would die; or go kill themselves already."
by Caladhiel June 24, 2009
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Genre of softcore punk music that integrates unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who dont smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands signature, black square rimmed glasses, and ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.
::sniff sniff:: "The Demise of the Siberian Traintracks of Our Rusty Forgotten Unblemished Love" sounds like it would make a great emo band name. ::cry::
by 7ThisIsWudie7 June 08, 2003
An entire subculture of people (usually angsty teens) with a fake personality. The concept of Emo is actually a vicious cycle that never ends, to the utter failing of humanity, and it goes something like this:

1. Girls say they like "sensitive guys" (lie)
2. Guy finds out, so he listens to faggy emo music and dresses like a dork so chicks will see that he is sensitive and not afraid to express himself (lie). He dyes his hair black, wraps himself in a stupid looking scarf, develops an eating disorder, and rants about how "nobody understands".
3. Now an emo guy, he meets Emo chick and they start dating, talking about how their well-off suburban lifestyles are terrible and depressing (lie)
4. Emo guy is just too much of a pussy. His penis is too small, he's too depressed to bathe, and has more mood swings than emo chick, and he doesn't even have a menstrual cycle. Emo chick dumps him, saying "It's not you, it's me." (lie) as she drives off with Wayne, the school jock and captain of the football team.
5. Emo guy goes home and cries, proceeds to write a weak song and strum a single string on his acoustic guitar. Another emo chick sees how he is so in touch with his feelings, and the cycle continues.

This is the sad truth of the emo lifestyle/music, and now that I look at how pathetic it really is, maybe the emos DO have something to cry about!
When she sees how sensitive and emo I have become, she'll definately go out with me!
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 10, 2005
Like a Goth, only much less dark and much more Harry Potter.
My life sucks, I want to cry.
by Lockesly April 06, 2004
The Difference between Emo And Goth:
Emos Hate themselves
Goths hate Everyone
Emos Want to Kill themselves
Goths Want to kill Everyone
by Chelsea Lewis April 14, 2006
Punk music on estrogen. Often acoustic guitar with soft, high male vocals that dwell exessively on the singer's feelings, especially melancholy remembrances of past relationships/mistakes in life. A form of music that diverged from punk in the '80s, the name "emo" is derived from the emotive style of the lyrics and music. This genre has lately been marketed heavily by the music industry to teenagers with bands such as Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday, and has seen much commercial and mainstream success. The music has also spawned a subculture which conforms to certain conventions in dress such as tight sweatshirts, tight band T-shirts and horn-rim glasses. Adherents profess to exessively melancholy temperments. Males that adhere to the emo subculture are sometimes confused with metrosexuals; indeed the line between the two is somwhat blurred, though both groups claim to be intouch with their emotional side. The ephemeral and hackneyed nature of emo songwriting suggests that its audience will be restricted largely to teenagers. the genre suffers from a lack of credibility outside the aforementioned demographic group, much like current Nu Metal bands.
girlfriend: C'mon, lets have sex.
boyfriend: I'm too sad to have sex.
girlfriend: I'm sad too; lets have sex and cry.
boyfriend: I'm already crying.
by Pureblarney July 30, 2004
"Emo" is not short for "Emotional." "Emo" does not mean Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional, despite what MTV has lead you to believe in the last few years. "Emo" is not sidebangs, tight pants, and male vocalists who sing like little girls about their failed relationships. "Emo" is not the use of diluted, meaningless metaphors and similes such as "My arms are like pinecones," and most definitely is not the rampant use of words such as "autumn," "heart," "knife," "bleeding," "leaves," and "razorblade."

I just thought I'd clear that up after all of these "definitions" in which I have encountered an unbelievable amount of people who try to pass off their blatantly false pretenses as fact, and are slowly infecting others with their high-horse, holier-than-thou bullshit. Because honestly, with your ridiculous definitions, Beethoven, George Gershwin, and Britney Spears are/was "emo bands."

Now, onto the real definition.

In the early 90s there was a movement in the hardcore genre that came to be known as "Emotive Hardcore," spearheaded by Rites Of Spring. Harder-core-than-thou kids, who swore by Dischord Records a la Minor Threat, actually coined the term "Emo" as something of a put-down for the kids who really liked Rites Of Spring, Indian Summer and this new wave of "Emotive" Hardcore bands. That's right, "Emo" was once not something kids called themselves. The field exploded outwards from there - Level-Plane Records has always been the most famous Emo label. Acts like Yaphet Kotto, I Hate Myself, Saetia, Hot Cross, A Day In Black And White, Funeral Diner, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, You And I, and hosts of others came in the next decade. Most emo bands have since broken up, but there's still the occasional hold-out (again, the majority of Level-Plane Records' roster has been a procession of emo acts). Like most DIY hardcore/punk of the time, a majority found its way onto vinyl and not much else. Some people consider bands like Fugazi, and later Sunny Day Real Estate, a progression of emo, but personally, I don't quite follow that philosophy.

Often, more recently, this gets intertwined with post-hardcore, and understandably so - that's nothing to make an issue of, since well shit, at least it's close.

Since the late 90s, though, bands have been emerging in the vein of Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, and the thousands of their clones. As far as I can tell, some lazy journalist somewhere, writing an article about them, decided "Well, fuck, no one knows what emo is anyways, so I'll call these bands "emo" - sounds more appealing than bubblegum pop rock..." and the spiral continued downwards into the current amalgomation of bands MTV has told everyone is "emo."

Somehow, people decided that "emo" meant "emotional," which is obviously bullshit, as 99% of bands make music to illicit emotion, which would make "emotional" a completely all-encompassing genre from classical to opera to pop to rap.

Hope that helps.
Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, and My Chemical Romance falls under the "horrible pop rock" genre, not the emo genre.

Rites of Spring is emo.
by Chelsea March 02, 2005
A group of white, mostly middle-class well-off kids who find imperfections in there life and create a ridiculous, depressing melodrama around each one. They often take anti-depressants, even though the majority don't need them. They need to wake up and deal with life like everyone else instead of wallowing in their imaginary quagmire of torment.
Emo conversation!

XxSlavetoAnguishxX: omg my gf just left me
acidburnedsoul: that sux man
XxSlavetoAnguishxX: i blame myself only i'm such an ass *cries*
acidburnedsoul: dude come over to my house and we can cut ourselves together
XxSlavetoAnguishxX: okay *cries*
acidburnedsoul: omg dashboard confessional has a new cd, i preordered it already
XxSlavetoAnguishxX: dude they're my favorite band to self-mutilate to
acidburnedsoul: i prefer to cut myself while watching Napoleon Dynamite on my bigscreen
XxSlavetoAnguishxX: dude that movie is so deep. i cry every time i see it
acidburnedsoul: me too. i hate myself
XxSlavetoAnguishxX: yeah we're such tortured souls, nobody understands how hard life is for us
acidburnedsoul: yeah we got it tough dude. pass the tissues
by JT March 23, 2005

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