Emo-kids can be children ages 11-13 or teenagers ages 13-19. “Flippy Hair” characterizes Emo Kids. Emo boys will often have short hair in the back, but outrageously long bangs that may be dyed or not. It is usually flipped to one side. Emo boys may choose to straighten their hair or not. Colors are optional but will earn extra emo points. Emo girls will usually have dead straight hair with colored side-bangs. Usually red or pink. Emo clothing and scene clothing are very similar. Most often, both sexes will choose to wear girl jeans, or extremely tight pencil jeans. Jeans may vary in color from light blue corduroys to jet black jeans. Emo boys often wear a band shirt portraying either: skulls, guns, blood, hearts, or crying children. Emo girls will be found wearing shirts with robots, hearts, or various sayings on them. Some emo clothing may even be outrageous. Emo kids will always wear black, purple, crimson, or dark grey. Emo clothes for both sexes must be extremely tight. Because of their choice of clothing, they are often mistaken for scenekids. Emo kids will rarely wear Vans. Both sexes chose to wear a Vans imitation called Airwalk. These shoes will most likely be black and have skulls or guns on it. Emo kids are obsessed with death and most often talk about it. The kind of music that emo-kids listen to may vary from Screamo to Mainstream to Underground Punk. Some bands that emo kids may listen to include: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Saosin, From Autumn To Ashes, Killing Hannah, Leftover Crack, and Emmure. The band to start the emo craze was Rites of Spring. This band was very popular with subcultures in the 80s and early 90s. At shows, emo-kids will often stand and sing the lyrics with their eyes closed. It is very rare to see an emo-kid mosh or hardcore dance. Emo-kids are the most educated out of the modern subcultures. They enjoy reading books and writing poetry. Emo poetry is usually sad, depressing, and about the pains of life. Emo-kids often talk about suicide, but most never go through with it. Although emo-kids claim to be sXc (straightedge), they have pictures of themselves smoking and drinking on myspace and facebook. Emo boys and girls will often have gauges and lip piercings. Some accessories that both sexes can be found wearing are: pins, buttons, handbags (or man purses), backpacks, rings, earrings, white studded belts, and nose rings. Emo boys will often wear eyeliner and paint their nails black. Emo-kids are the most hated out of all of the modern subcultures. They are often made fun of by conformists and other social classes. Most people pretend to be emo or use the expression “Cheer up Emo Kid!” These comments can be hurtful to emo-kids and this is why emo-kids don’t often talk to other people other than emo-kids. Making fun of emo-kids is not right, and they should be left alone. Emo-kids are not accepted by any of the subcultures, other than their own. Occasionally some scenekids will hangout with an emo-kid, but it is very rare.
Emo Girl: Hey.
Emo Guy: Hey.
Emo Girl: Lifes pretty bad huh?
Emo Guy: Yeah.
Emo Guy: Conformist..
Emo Girl: Yeah, we're such emo kids.
by Julians0329 November 14, 2007
there is a checklist that each emo kid must complete before she/he can say that she/he is truly "in touch" with her/his emocity:
1. any means of preventing food from entering one's body (including, but not limited to, choosing to eat a raw-only, macrobiotic diet that essentially excludes any foods found in a local grocery store, taking pills for her/his depression which decrease appetite, piercing one's mouth shut with upper and lower labret piercings) such that one's weight never exceeds 90 pounds (for boys it should be under 75)
2. wearing "skinny" fashion jeans that inhibit proper walking by making knee bending an ambitious activity to attempt
3. for guys, their shirts should ALWAYS be too small to fit their girlfriend, or the guy they are fucking on the side
4. emo hair is KEY!: fashion mullets, side parting the hair to the point that specially formulated adhesive glue is required to keep the hair to one side, and fashion rat tails make up the general choices
5. hair must be black or so blonde that it is indistinguishable from white.
6. must drive a vespa (or a car so small that only you and your skinniest friend can fit)
7. wrist bands are also necessary to cover up the so-called "suicide attempt" scars
8. must be in/have been in a band at some point. lyrics must discuss only those topics which make the listener want to kill his/herself.
9. black rimmed glasses or fashion contacts are necessary. if no actual vision problem is present, one emo kid must purposefully hurt the other emo kids vision so a prescription for said glasses can be obtained.
10. must be able to whine incessantly about how much she/he hates her/his life and discuss how hard it is living in their parents' house, eating their parents' food and using their parents' money to buy their emo clothes and band equipment. hating their parents' for being "soooo strict" is also part of the emo code of conduct.
11. writing "lyrics" (suicide notes) during class, in a dark bedroom, or under willow trees on windy days must be done often to prevent any distance from forming between said individual and their soul.
12. sex is NOT an option if you are emo. rubbing your naked bones against anothers' while crying and whispering that this is the "closest you've ever been to someone" is now your version of sex if you are emo.
13. if you don't have a MYSPACE, just give up now, becuase you will NEVER make it in the world of emocity. get a myspace, take 31563486 pictures of yourself in your bedroom (with your $500 digital camera that your parents bought you) and try to look AS SAD AS POSSIBLE! ABSOLUTELY NO SMILING IS ALLOWED! place witty captions under the photo that discuss how "awkward" or "weird" you look in the photo. discard the 31563485 other pictures that were ACTUALLY bad and never speak of them again. pictures taken of yourself from above or in your bathroom mirror are a good start.
14. on the off chance that you ever experience a good time in your life, NEVER show it! this would totally wreck your emo cred that has taken lots of good time to build in the scene!! it's a hard crawl to the top of that emo ladder. just train yourself to sigh and say "god i'm depressed about my girlfriend leaving me" everytime you're about to smile or laugh.
15. talk about how no one understands you (or your friends) but NEVER let anyone who does not fit the emo rules listed above into your group. this would be detrimental to your cred.
emo kid: "dude, i wish i was dead, just like the kitten i had when i was in grade 2"
by Emoness August 06, 2006
an Emo kid is someone who listens to Emo, Screamo.
By really understanding this Music, even before reading the genre (on the net), well that wuold make him emotional.
what im trying to say is that by understanding Emo or Screamo Music makes you an emotional person.
by saying Emotional I mean someone who is in touch with his feelings, not that he is only depressed!!!(he could or not be).
if someone is emotional and doesnt listen to emo that means he is not emo but is an emotional person..
emo doesnt stand for emotional music (almost all music is emotional) but it stands for EMOTIONAL (hardocore) PUNK ROCK
(NOT ALL EMO SONGS ARE DEPRESSING, but emotionally happy,sad,Angry,etc...) by saying this i dont want to say tht punk rock isnt emotional but EMO is based on shouting out loud emotions...
(about the scene, well choose i think its cool so il semi go for it, u dont like it, well look at veda skyes,chasing victory,etc... VERY NORMAL PEOPLE)
about kissing guys, well NOT EVERYONE DOES IT, if they do so well they have their reasons (emo is not about kissing guys)
make-up:well thts always the trend part (like it or not u choose if put it on or not)
i wont say anything about the posers 'cause those are everywhere.
EMOS do NOT care of showing their emotions to everyone.
plz dont identify EMOS for fags, or weirdos... if u do well its ur life...
emo kid= normal kid in touch with his emotions, and appriciates EMO music: and by tht expresses his emotions with it and in tht way (there are different ways of expressing ur emotions)
emo poser= might like emo music justo for the screaming
by Johnny.D March 19, 2007
this is my definition.

we are the people who cannot be defined by the "normal" society around us.
that is that.
emo isnt about tight pants, black hair, band shirts.
its about how we feel towards life and music in general.
(but if you do write. thats grand. keep it up.)
to be "emo": know that the world is truly beautiful and worth trying to find that truth.
its all in the mind.
not the body.
that emo kid isnt emo because he/she doesnt wear tight pants
by down is the new up October 02, 2006
2 emo chicks, that love eachother very much *hints* like sisters, would litterally die for eachother, know everything about the other.Know what they are thinking AT ALL TIMES. and love to watch hot emo guys make out!.
emokids love their hair, usually has to cover most the the face, chicks love bows or other little cute things in their hair.
by brookieboo June 01, 2006
Emo is a term currently used to refer to a subculture of young people (generally teenagers) who wear dark clothing and act in a melodramatic manner. They tend to wear tight clothes, which are usually black. Both male and females will complain about their lives and their families, even if there is really nothing wrong. They will often claim that their parents hate them, even if their parents are actually very caring. They tend to be immature, since their melodramatic demeanor is usually the teen manifestation of brattiness.

The easiest way to reverse this behavior is simply not to put up with it, and to point out their bratty attitude to them (see example 1). It is important to provide the emo kid with both reassurance (see example 2), and tough love (see example 3) It is also important that you ignore any attention-seeking behavior.

The biggest problem with emo kids is that they emulate kids with depression, which makes it harder for the kids with actual problems to get help.Many emo kids write suicide poems for the attention, and as a result it becomes harder to spot the kids who are actually contemplating suicide.
EMO KID: My life sucks. My mom hates me. She won't give me money for the movies.
FRIEND: Your mom gave you money yesterday. You spent it all at hot topic.

EMO KID: I knew it. You guys hate me. Everyone hates me.
FRIEND: We don't hate you. You're just being immature right now.

EMO KID: My teacher hates me. Look, she gave me an "F" on my test. It's just so unfair. I work so hard, and I still fail.
FRIEND: You failed the test because you didn't study, and because you only answered half the questions. Suck it up. Some people have actual learning disabilites. Like dislexia, the one that makes some letters appear BACKWARDS? Take responsibility for yourself.

EMO KID: My life sucks.
DEPRESSED KID: mine too.
EMO KID: My parents cut my allowance just because I got an F on my test. And they wouldn't buy me any eyeliner.
DEPRESSED KID: Nothing I do is fun anymore, I can't sleep, I keep getting headaches, I can't remember the last time I had fun, and my parents grounded me for a month because I "stole" my step-mom's mascara. When I told them how depressed I felt, they told me to stop being emo.
by SomeTeenager January 20, 2010
someone who doesnt exactly fit in. they probably dont even try. we dont all slit our wrists, and can be great people if you get to know an emo person. it could be called a way of lif or just whatever you define it as. they most likely want more alone time than others. Emo has a distinct style that others may call kinda gay, but they obviously know nothing about being emo. We listen to watever kinda music we want wether its cool or not. A true emo will where whatever they want wether its tight jeans or a pink and black striped scarf, it doesnt matter, a poser emo will try to where tight jeans and black and talk about how they LOVE to cut themselves. This is all that comes to mind so, yeah.
Emo Kid listening to his favorite music:_the lyrics of that song are deep and move me to an emotional level i have never felt before
by didnt bother June 16, 2007
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