Annoying adolescents and/or teenagers who insist they are "depressed" but in reality, just want attention. They usually tend to listen to music that involves skinny guys whining and "screaming" about things that supposedly have deep meaning. The drummers of these bands often try to look cool by using a double bass pedle (stop kidding yourselves, you suck). They tend to make fun of any other genre of rock music and only like bands (especially underground ones) until they become popular. Once they're popular "they suck".
They can't admit that they bought an article of clothing in hot topic b/c that would make them a "poseur". <Newsflash: you're a poseur if you shop there and THEN do not admit that you do.>
They also mosh like pussies. If you're going to go into a pit, fucking stop swinging and actually mosh or else you WILL get knocked the fuck down.
Simply put, they just need to stop crying and actually try to see all the great things that they DO have in their lives, instead of whining about that girl who dumped them in 7th grade.
All the little emo kids I hang out w/ are so annoying. All I ever hear them talk about is how great a new band is that no one has ever heard of.. by next week everyone will know all of that band's songs by heart and then no one will like them a week after that.
by Minion March 28, 2004
The Kids That Camp Outside of A Classroom Door, Like They Have No Lives, And Rush In As Soon As The Teacher Enters To Give Sato Sensei Their Damn Permission Slips So No One Else Can Go On The Freaking Field Trip!
Eva: Hey, you can't go on the field trip anymore.
Xavier: What the hell, why?
Eva: Emo kids camped outside the door.
Xavier: Aw, man!
Mauricio: Emo bitches...
by IrregularEyes March 16, 2009
Emo Kids are just people who are full of feeling.
All that cutting shit and crying over a lot of nothing and being sad and depressed all the time, that's bullshit. Those are scene kids.
True emo kids are ppl who have deep feelings and choose to show them. Its got nothing to do with standing out or fitting in. They just choose to show what most hide deep inside.
NO! not all emos dress in all black. We have our own since of style.
NOT how real emo kids act!:
emo kid : Ugh. My boyfriend just broke up with me. I think I'm gonna go cut. I'm so depressed.

emo kid 1:...well, he broke up with me for some other girl. It hurts, it really does.
emo kid 2: Sorry to hear it. Wanna come play some video games to get your mind off it.
emo kid 1: sure. I'll be right over.
emo kid 2: Shweet see ya in a little.
by Lori A April 08, 2007
wears girl pants no matter what gender, eye liner, black hair with blonde chunky highlights and a fringe over the eye, black shirts, studded belts, converse shoes, cut thier wrists, take myspace photos from above, and listen to things like straylight run and dashboard confessional
Dude, you are so emo.

Those stupid emo kids always cut themselves.

I'm feeling so emo today.

Fuck emo kids.

by Voodoo Child 484 September 25, 2006
This is coming from a 17 yr old guy who listens to classic rock, old metal (iron maiden, judas priest, etc..) Hairt metal and a good bit of new stuff. just so yo'all get that basic info on me, here goes:

for the most part, emo kids are generally in bitchy moods, whenthey have spels of happiness they are usually not long lasting, very often will cut themselves, 99.99 percent of them are bi or straight up homo (I've never met an emo kid that was straight, and im friends with alot of them) They tend not to get over ANYthing in any short amount of time, enjoy over-dramaticizing things, and tend to enjoy shitty bands like The Used, My Chemical Romance and HAwthorne Heights, who can play three or four chords (maybe) on a guitar, and attempt ot play 6 or 7 continuous notes and call it a "solo."
Emo kids, in my experience aar, for the most part, pussies.

Emo kids tend to wear makeup, mostly mascara or eyeliner, wear tight shirts and girls jeans.
the kid with the flopped over jet black hair (just like the other 70 percent of the emo community) the scars on his wrist and the mascara.

"quit being such an emo kid!"
by Jeremy_G August 26, 2006
1. emo = a genre of music.
2. emo = short for emotive hardcore movement of punk from the late 70's

emos should be scene and not herd.
the "noob" emo.
skinnys, cons, bad veriation of the "emo" haircut. ( an asymetrically fringed fashion cut.)

make up.
thick, poorly applied eyeliner, red or pink "MCR style" eye shadow. (sometimes another color if it matches there outfit.)

normally a bandana around the neck, sometimes on the wrist.(once i did see one with a bandana around her knee, the purpose of this i dont know.)

disney charater or other childrens show or movie backpack. normally covered with badges. most write or draw on there bags with black marker or nikko.

most have lip piercings, also random surface piercings.(most done in a public toilet by there friends with a safety pin) streched ear lobes.

hanging out in public areas such as city streets, malls or fast food outlets in the eye of genreal society, most litter, yell, run about, swear and clutter the place, drawing the genreal publics attention to them.
most hang out in parks at night getting drunk on "goon" and passion pop.

Genreal publics view:
20 -30 upstarts draping themselves on park benches, littering and blocking the pathway, swearing and utterly dis-respecting to everyone else around them.

most jocks/gansta males yell abuse at them, causing a comotion within the "scene population" making them throw things or yell abuse back.


emo kid: "F**K YOU, go get a job and stop wearing ya dads clothes!"
by token_boi July 31, 2006
an "emo kid" doesn't exist. "emo" is a genre of music. Also you are who you want to be and nobody can ever ever take that away from you, so if someone would like to call themselves "emo" then so be it. but i know what people mean when they say they're emo. however do you notice... that the "real emo people" in other words people who fit your typical "emo kid " discription dont call themselves emo. but fakers tend to do so. becuase "lyke omg im lyke so emo with my lyke pink fury leopeard converse and my juicy tracksuit that ive like custonmised with d&g shades"... are not "emo". or people who calim to be depressed. becasue real "emo" people dont. they are mousy quiet and dont bother to tell anyone about themselves apart form theyre very close knite circle of friends.
tthe real "emo kid" doesnt state that they are emo. doesnt cry for help. they do what they want to do and they are not purposely meliscious nor do they want anyone to think about them
by Georgie M December 20, 2005

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