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alrightly, im sick of people saying emo kids are bi-sexual and whiney. Most are just misunderstood. We wear what we want to wear no matter what. Emos just like to be themselves and they are always pushed down because of it. Not all emos cut themselves either. Granted some do but, if thats what they need to do to make them feel better inside then so be it. Everyone looks down of the little emo kid who slit their wrists but, nobody says anything to anorexic preps or slutty whores because they are popular.
"they don't know you like I know you, they don't know you at all. I'm so sick of when they say, it's just a phase you'll be okay, you're fine" -Skillet (trues words of an emo kid)
by Kaira December 01, 2007
Anyone who buys into the shamelessly self-pitying whinetastic crap that is emo music. Simple. That said, since most emo kids are teenagers, they can't help being self-centered. A lot of research indicates that teenagers are, as a rule, brain damaged (literally, their rational thinking and socioemotional evaluation centers are decayed and disconnected) and thus go aound in a mask so as not to have to fess up to their confusion.
I was an emo kid for a while... now I choose not to label myself.
by s0ck_ninja January 18, 2007
Emo kids normally act depressed. They don't like the world very much since they have had their hearts broken a few too many times and almost no one understands them. They normally write music, poems, or draw.
That emo kid writes the best music.
by InsomniacXcore November 08, 2005
a bunch of whiny little bitches who try do do everything they can to be different but complain about people hating them for being different at the same time. boys were makeup just to freak ppl out. they always let everyone in the world know that they are sad. and they never do a fucking thing about their problem. oh and if they are self abusive they are usually doing it for attention you can tell becasue they let the scars be scene or even talk about em like its a cool thing to do
sadly the term emo and the music came from punk. namely the dc hardcore scene when it was called emotive hardcore and was realy just punk with whiny lyrics. now it has turned into a big buisness money making scheme. example my chemical romance one of the most famous emo bands. it features a 31 year old lead singer who actually has a song called teenagers about being a teenager. this is just a way to make money by relating to people in reality he cant relate too. yet emo kids are too stupid to notice

the cool emo kids are scene kids they know which music is fake and which isnt and they dont bitch complain and do those stereotypical pictures of themselves at an above angle looking down or creepily at the camera and posting it on myspace. they are often scene at punk shows hardcore shows emo shows and even ska shows.
emo kid "everyone makes fun of me cuz i wear makeup and dress different im gonna go cut"
anyone with half a brain: "stop looking for attention u dumb motherfucker if u dont want people to make fun of you for looking different dont look different dumbass eitehr you dress how u want and know people are going to hate u and stfu or u dress like wiggers or preps
by sp1ke May 28, 2008
emo DOES NOT mean emotional for the last time! ¬_¬
emo kids are basically emos who are a bit younger and need more time to learn what a real emo is.
we don't all want to committ suicide, or write poetry, or wear black rimmed glasses.. and we don't all cut ourselves.. where the hell you people got that idea from we'll never know..
and even if we do, SO F*CKING WHAT!?
get it into your heads that the stereotypes you hear from the idiots these days ARE NOT TRUE
people who show off cuts, tell everyone that they feel 'oh so depressed today' are posers who want to get attention.
from personal experience, emo kids get all the sh*t from the popular air-headed idiotic chavs around school, who believe stereotypes for the hell of it.

here's my view on self harm..
people who show off their cuts - complete idiotic posing tossers
people who keep them to themselves - absolutely normal

anyone who disagrees with the above are either posers or air-heads who believe in stereotypes

sure, i cry, but thats only because i fall over a lot because my laces wont stay done up, and because people try and trip me up.. and i usually end up bleeding from 7 places on my body

so basically, posers, chavs, and air-heads suck, and real emo kids are nice :]
chav: ooh look an emo kid! xD

emo kid: *turns round and glares* ¬_¬

chav: *runs off crying* ;o;
by Kita Komichi March 15, 2008
A sub-culture of youths struggling to find a place to hide amongst the many labels of western society. Usually consists of young people who spend a lot of time in coffee shops, spend a little too much time thinking about how their trendy clothing defines them, despite what they will definitely say to the contrary, listen to punk-oriented music with darker themes, and many of whom may spend a bit too much time writing depressing poetry/music.

While many of those defined by this broad term are in fact, probably quite interesting, they would be the first to reject the term "emo" as one of the stupidest themes or labels to emerge among western youth today.

They will see through the desperation present in sub sects of "emo kids" to conform, yet pretend to rebel, demonstrated through their sudden invention of baffling social traditions such as the term "straight-edge", and are capable of making important decisions in their life such as those involving substance use or a vegan diet for themselves, not just because they feel superior by drawing a big 'X' on their hand for all the world to see.

Non-conformism is a strong theme upon such sub-groups labelled by this term, and perhaps it would be wise for those holding such themes close to heart to grow up a little and realise that it doesnt matter if someone labels you, it just matters whether or not you're happy with who you are.

Probably the most baffling part of the whole mess is their own definition of their favoured musical genres - That their music is "emotional". This is really a meaningless statement, for all real music is purely intended as a vessel to convey emotion in the first place.

Overall, and somewhat amusingly so, the label is beginning to describe more of a blind cult than actual culture.
Those emo kids ought to expand their musical and spiritual horizons a little, and stop focusing so much on their supposed 'purity' and 'deeper emotional thinking'.
by Fobbah November 29, 2005
Usually a young teenager sucked into a scene in an atempt to find out who they really are. ussualy about 13 or 14 years old but sometimes older. generally moany, attention seeking losers who insist on being "unique" and not "conforming" to society when they stupidly dont realise that a big scene of people with the same hairstyle and the same clothes and the same taste in music IS CONFORMING, fucking dipshits. often dont have thier own opinions just shared views between friends that are often selfish and stupid. think there intelligent for being the way they are and that there so much different from everyone else. many think there gods gift

Emo Kid

"im gonna kill myself because no one understands me", Emo Kid
by Your mums dog 2 April 05, 2010