generally very bitchy self centered people
"oh yea by the way, Jenna the emo's been trying to steal your boyfriend. shes saying she sh*gged him last night and everything. shes such a bitch.
by Moi. March 20, 2005
Top Definition
Emo chicks are girls trying to rebel against pop culture and be different. Usually they claim their lives suck, but mostly their middle-class kids and their lives are actually pretty good. In a way, ther are sort-of a breed of individualists. The purpose is rebelling against the popular society, and as said before, namely pop culture.

Emo chicks are perpetually attracted to emo guys. They will NEVER go out with a prep or jock, they always have at least one emo ex-boyfriend and usually a skater or two.

An emo chick's hair is probably the most importand part of her appearance. Usually the hair is black or red. Long black hair that falls over their face or with long bangs do fine, but the most common is chin- to shoulder-length hair with emo bangs. It's pretty much a rule that at least 2/5ths of their face have to be covered by their hair at all times.

Emo chicks wear tight black shirts, usually band shirts, and black jeans or cargos. Their wear a lot of black jewelry and heavy silver jewelry. They always wear wristbands-- usually to hide scars. Most emos are cutters, but not all.

Emos HATE being called goth, so be careful before addressing someone as either. There IS a huge difference.
Hot emo guys that can lick their elbows turn me on. >_<
by Ember Jay June 30, 2005
A girl following a bastardized trend to rebel from the mainstream. Emo girls are usually 14-17, have little to no self esteem, shop at hot topic, listen to My Chemical Romance, or Green Day, or any other band that is inherently NOT emo in the true sense. They usually claim to be individuals, which is rather ironic because they look EXACTLY like their friends. Being Emo since 2004 is essentially conforming to portray ones self as a non conformist.
Emo chick: "OMG i love that new simple plan song! They look soooo emo now!"
Anyone over the age of 19: Emo died before you hit puberty, for Gods sake.
by ImaCultClassic January 26, 2008
A girl who likes Emo/Indie music, or basically anything obscure. Some cut, some don't. Some are sad a lot, some aren't. They usually have short hair that has been dyed in the past or is dyed now. She shops at thrift stores primarily, but doesn't mind getting something brand-new every once in a while. There's no set-in-stone definition of an Emo girl, because one Emo girl doesn't act exactly the same as the next.
Emo can mean a lot of things. Emo girls can *be* a lot of things.
by EmoGal August 08, 2005
Emo is short for emotion. Emo is 1.genre of music and 2. a social group ( such as goth, prep, punk...etc.)
As far as the social group, emo people are usually stereotyped to something like this: cuts, likes photography, poetry, and crying, and is whiny. Most emo people resent being stereotyped, since the whole idea of emo is to rebel from society. Most emo chicks shop at thrift stores, army surplus stores, and also places like hot topic. Emo clothing for girls is as follows: black horn rimmed glasses, died hair with bangs, tight jeans, tight vintage t-shirts or band shirts, wristbands, pins, hoodies with original designs, and of course the ultimate emo acessories: converse and studded belts. although converse are popular, skate shoes like vans are also fine.
Emo music
Emo people usually listen to bands like the following. Emo is all about the music. Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Finch, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Armor For Sleep, Mest, and other bands like these. These bands have songs filled with emotion (hence the term emo)
Where it started
Most people believe the emo subculture was started in the 80's. For more info, look up emo on google or something.
The studded belt that emo chick is wearing is rad.
by thepsychowiththeknife April 10, 2006
A girl who is into Emo music, likes to wear black and listen to bands like "Taking Back Sunday" and "Thursday". Commonly stereotyped as cutters and criers, but may not cut and may not cry alot. Emo chicks lerv (emo boys)
That emo chick was totally rocking at the TBS concert!
by Ashley April 23, 2005
A really hot girl who lacks most of her cognitive function.

Emo Chicks are attention starved teenagers, usually white girls, from Middle Class Suburbs.

They are extremely attractive to look at, but unless are a male Emo, you will never have a chance.
YouPorn Search: Emo Chicks

Fap fap fap
by Dick ThunderSword May 11, 2015
Emo chicks are so individual they all look alike. Feathered hair, and hare-brained, they say they don't follow the crowd, apart from the hundreds of thousands of other Emo's. Not to be confused with Elmo, who is actually lovable and is certainly individual. Emo's are so diverse they actually all like the same dull music. Most Emo's don't know who Dimebag Darrell was, but can name 20 mundane, talentless fucktards who pretend to play guitar.
A typical day for Emo Chicks...

Emo: " Oh my God, your like so Individual!"

Emo 2 : " OMG, like, so are you!"

Emo: " Let's all go see Death Cab for Cutie with the 10,000 other individuals who are there to watch bands that can barely string a guitar!"

Emo 2 : " Cool, and we can watch Johnny and Bobby suck each other off after with a bottle of cider!"

Emo: " Sweet!"
by Dream Theater rule! August 09, 2009
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